Sunday 28 November 2010

Music and Fish

This week I developed the world's worst cold (seriously) and on friday rejoiced as my co teacher let me off last lesson as she wanted to employ the kids in preparing the school hall for a classical concert the next day. I went to wallow in my ill state in my classroom. Then she confirmed that we were infact allowed to leave school an hour early! so; happy days!! and I went home to crawl into bed. Not being one to wallow and miss out I had a cat nap and then forced myself out of bed to meet Wendy and Fontaine near Wendy's place to go to VIPS, a steak and salad restaurant which offers a salad bar buffet thing that puts harvester to shame! Saturday I went to the concert at school, where my coteacher played an amazing solo and afterwards met Wenders, Fonts and Luke in myeongdong (shopping district with H&M and Zara). Here are some pics of the concert.

My grade 5 Co-teacher is the violinist to the left on the picture.

Einer kleiner nachtmusik (I think)

My grade 6 (and main) Co-teacher, obscured by the music stand...

 Amazingly talented student playing the violin!

Another student, this time on the drums during Aladdin 'A whole new world' (far right of picture)

After the concert and shopping we went to Seoul fish market; Noryangjin. I'd been once before with my school. We thought we should look around the stalls and choose what fish we wanted and then we should take our purchases to one of the restaurants inside the market where they cook the stuff for a small fee. Turns out that the restaurant we went to totally fleeced us and we paid far too much! The fish was delicious though so perhaps we can just put it all down to experience...?



Our sashimi fish choice...

Wiggly octopus

Massive prawns! 

Seriously delicious!

Luke was the first to try the octopus...

My prawn! <3

Huge scallops!


We asked her to sort the crabs cos we basically had no idea what to do.

At a house part after the fish market, out host, Kevin asked us to write one word to sum up your time in Seoul so far:





Me :-)

Sunday 21 November 2010

Culture darhhhling!

 This week's goings on... English Speech contest, School dinner out (complete with karaoke in a norabang), watching our friend's play, dancing in a gay bar, cold stone ice cream and lots and lots of food!

Judge Ruth! :-)

 Lovely lovely food! Sitting on the floor = pins and needles.

Outside the norabang room.

Fish and Chips

The merchant of venice.

The guy playing shylock was really good.

Our friend Michael is in the red jacket

whole cast.

Mmmmm, greek food! nom nom nom! Sooooooooo nice! <3

If you liked it then you should have out a ring on it!
Let's see if my boyfriend reads my blog... hahaha

Chris treated us all to ice cream!

Fontaine finished her's while the rest of us still had loads left!


This saturday I went for a walk around where I live and found the park my co-teacher told me about ages ago. It was very nice, and the trees were lovely with autumn colours so I took some pics. On the way back I went past the supermarket and found muller corner yogurts!

Nak Seong Dae Gong Won (park)

Some dude on a horse...

Nak Seong Dae - Site of a falling star!

An Guo Men - Quiet nation gate.

Lady bird lamp.

Chocolate corner and lemon tea.