Tuesday 15 March 2011


 Last weekend I had a day off on friday and therefore a long weekend so I decided to check out the Chicken art and Owl Museums on the friday as I was sure I was the only person in my group to be weird enough to want to see them! While I was in the museum area I stumbled upon an exhibition about North Korean Political Prisons which I went to check out too. On saturday my crew was going to Hongdae for a friends birthday and decided to visit the 'trick of the eye' art gallery while we were there. So here are a few funny pictures of us interracting with the art work!

The owl who was afraid of the dark
Lovely sunny day. Is spring on its way?
Basically don't do anything that remotely constitutes free will. Otherwise they will kill you.
Interesting exhibition with tesimony from people who escaped the camps. One guy who had actually been born in a NK Gulag!

FYI: to get to the Chicken art museum, go to Anguk station (orange line 3) and go out of exit 2 and walk straight. There are sign posts to the museum. For the Owl museum take exit 1 and walk along the main road, alongside a traditional hanbok house (you can only see the wall) walk up here and you'll get to samcheongdong road and the owl museum. The North Korea exhibition was temporary.
Money money money
Don't mind if I do
Willy Wonkers chocolate factory
Sooae was rather annoyed
Reminds me of that painting where the dogs are playing pool... or are they playing cards..
Stubborn as a mule
His n' hers
Parisian cafe
Love boat
Hard work
Hayley informed me afterwards that I looked like the statue squatting for a poo. Lovely
Stood up
Yes, She's holding his poo

FYI: The trick of the eye art gallery is in Hongdae. Go out of exit 9 and walk straight until you get to VIPS restaurant. Take the left turning and cross over the road. Turn right at 'tony moly' shop and walk about 2 minutes. You will see a small doorway and the trick of the eye art gallery is signposted there. It's in basement 1.

Sunday 6 March 2011


This weekend Wendy and I signed up for an organised hike with Adventure Korea in Daedun, a mountain in Jeollabuk-do, a province in south western Korea. The boys said it was a lame hike because it began with a cable car to near to top, but having since completed said hike I would disagree, as would my aching legs and massive bruise on my bum (I fell over onto a spiky rock)

Photograph of where we will be hiking to

In the cable car up

Wendy wasn't happy and we hadn't even started the hike yet

Does what it says on the tin

Suspension bridge that swung a bit (especially with Wendy jumped up and down on it)

Intrepid explorers

Stunning (if you ignore the smog from Daejeon)

Fairies protecting the bridge

Suspension staircase, scary!

rocky 'path' we had to traverse down


A random shrine where a shaman lived

Wednesday 2 March 2011

Home is where the heart is

As most readers of the blog will know I returned home last week to attend the much anticipated wedding of my oldest friend Jane. While I was back I made sure to stock up on sweets and ribena and stuff my face with as much food as I could. I also caught up with family and friends. Here are a few pics to document this latest holiday~

American style pancake at 4 am

Want to make them? Here is the Recipe courtesy of Nigella: Instant Pancake Mix

Roast roast roast dinner!

The family at large

Shepherd's Pie

Fish and chips!

Celebrating one of Jane's last nights as Miss Wood

Tube-y glory

Escalator madness

Dinner with my Ho

St Paul's Catheral

Some idiot posing in front of Leighton House

FYI: To get to Leighton House take the underground to High Street Kensington (district and circle lines) walk stright down the High street past all the shops until you reach Melbury Road on your left. Take the first left into Holland Park road and Leighton House is on your right. Check out the details here: Leighton House 

Cocktails at the Savoy. The bloke who took our picture was the world's worst photographer so missed out our drinks.

So here they are; Restoration Celebration and an Old Fashioned

FYI: We had cocktails in the Savoy 'American Bar' in the early evening. Click here for more details about this: Savoy American Bar

Choose your cocktail before you go, or check out ours: Savoy Cocktails  

Pimms O Clock!

Ladies living it large

With our lovely bride Jane

The happy couple, Jane and Stu

Table setting with haribo favours!

The witches of eastwick with the groom

You step on my foot I step on your head.

Pick n mix!!

My mother and me

Sisters doing it for themselves!

FYI: Jane and Stu's wedding was held at Gaynes Park in Essex. Find them on facebook here: Gaynes Park 

Out for an old fashioned British favourite. Curry!

FYI: We had our curry at my parents' local Indian restaurant. The Mogul in Ongar! :-)