20+ things in Korea

I recently re-signed for a second year in Seoul and since then have been compiling a list (I simply love lists) of things I want to do before I leave. I've decided to write it here, and probably add to it but definitely tick off the things as I complete them!

1. Learn my favourite students names before they leave (I have 22 classes of between 30-36 students each; that's about 726 students, I'm never going to remember all their names.) Although this is a kind-of ongoing goal, so far I have learnt 10 names; Jae-Min, Jae-Hoon, Su-Bin, Sang-Hyuk, Tae-Kun, Gyu-Ri, Seo-Yeong, Tae-Un, Seung-Ho, and Min-Ju. I also know Eugene but maybe that's cheating a bit as he was born in France and has a European name. A few more... Seung Shin, Jae Ook, Seung-Won and Jae Hun.

2. Eat a 'gingerbread cookie' in Myeongdong (I'm not sure if they are definitely gingerbread but that's why I want to try it!) 23rd September 2011 (it's not gingerbread, more like honeycomb)

3. Spend an afternoon in Seoul Forest, picnic and feeding the deers? Yes please! 14th November 2011

4. Find and buy the American Apparel Le Sac dress that I've been eyeing from a distance for a while now! Delivered 27th June 2012

5. Eat one of those massive ice creams (Also found in Myeongdong)  26th July 2012

A lovely weekend in Muuido
6. Hit one of the stylish sinsa-dong wine bars and get dolled up for the night. 11th February 2012 (My birthday)

7. Get some buckets in at Monkey Beach in Apgujeong September 2011 - Nick's leaving do

8. Experience fun and frolicks at Everland 20th May 2012

9. Visit the Seoul Zoo 3rd October 2011 - Long weekend 

10.  Stay overnight in the Muuido beach huts. 21st-22nd July 2012

11. Wander around Hongdae one afternoon to take in the place during sunshine hours (I hear it's a lovely area but I've never seen it during the day) 1st October 2011

Tarts from Tartine, Itaewon
12. Put together a make-shift roast dinner (Rotary chicken from the street seller, roast potatoes in my oven - takes about 3 hours - veg and gravy)

13. Head to Times Square shopping centre for food and shopping (and perhaps also to take in the Christmas flare) 6th december 2011

14. Take a trip to Jeongdongjin Beach. Sunset festival, railway station closest to the beach in the entire world, an old North Korean submarine and US War ship museum. 7th July 2012

15. Go back to VIPS for the steak and buffet. 27th July 2012

16. Hike up Gwanak Mountain (Very near to where I live) 31st March 2012

17. Take an afternoon stroll around samcheong-dong (with my recently found walking tour map) 1st July 2012

18. Visit Lotteworld again (should make it around christmas as it really gets you in the mood for the festive season!) 5th November 2011

Number 15 √
19. Watch my friend Luke play a game of Football with his team Cosmos (and hopefully see them win) 26th November 2011

20. Buy a fruit tart from the lush looking shop in Itaewon 12th November 2011

21. Run 5k without stopping because of a stitch 24th April 2012 (Mannam International Running Club)

22. Take a meditation class. One Circle Community free meditation class, Itaewon. 22nd October 2011

Everything Zen
23. Travel to Jeju Island for the beaches, mountains and Penis park (yes seriously) 31st July - 2nd August 2012 Check it here, here or here.

24. Volunteer one weekend17th December 2011 Mannam Volunteers

25. Visit the savoury pie shop in Itaewon (why are so many of my to-do things food?!) - or Hongdae, as I just found out there is a branch there too. 2nd October 2011, After watching the Irish beat Italy in the Rugby World Cup

26. Workout after midnight in my 24 hour gym. <-- I've only recently found out that my gym is no longer 24 hrs and I won't therefore be able to complete this one!

27. See the Cherry Blossoms in the very short season! 18th April 2012 Yeouido 

28. Take a tour of CheongWaDae (Blue House) - Korea's Presidential Residence. <----- Failed.

29. See the Rainbow Fountain Show at Banpo Bridge. 30th May 2012

30. Take a tour of the secret garden at CheongDeokGung. 13th May 2012


  1. That's my girl - almost there. Especially impressed with No 19!!!

  2. Sorry, I made you missed No. 13 few weeks ago! Sorry, sorry, but I'm sure you'll complete that!

  3. Number 2 is not gingerbread, it is a cookie made of melted sugar.
    I want to let you know that it is Dalgona

    1. Yes, as you can see I edited this to explain that after I bought one to try I realised it wasn't gingerbread.