Friday 7 July 2017

Wanderings Lately :: June

Ahh still a little bit late! Here's my round up of things i got up to in June.

The weather has really turned nice this year and I am currently writing this post from my lovely garden in Canada Water! The week ahead looks great weather-wise, and July is shaping up pretty nicely to as I have lots of exciting plans for the weekends. Spring and Autumn are definitely my favourite seasons, but summer is very close behind!

Work is letting up slightly too, as my student groups start to leave after their time abroad. I've got some (very) exciting and long overdue travel plans in the works plus a few weekends away in the UK to look forward to as well. 

I'm attempting plastic free July, which means I'm pledging (and hopefully succeeding) to not use any single-use plastic items this whole month. That includes plastic bags, straws and bottles. Wish me luck! If you want to sign up it's not too late, head to the website and register!


I went to see the play Terror with a couple of friends and it was very thought provoking. Set in a German court, an airforce pilot is on trial for the murder of 126 people who were on a flight that was hijacked by terrorists and heading into a crash at a large football stadium full on 20,000 people. The pilot goes against orders and shoots down the plane killing all on board. He justifies this as he was able to avoid the catastrophe of the crash into the stadium. However, we also heard that those in authority watched the plane on it's journey towards the stadium for 28 minutes without evacuating the stadium. At the end of the play we had to vote guilty or not guilty. At our performance he was found not guilty.

Summer Bike Rides

Another interesting bike ride took me down the river through Greenwich, Woolwich and to Thames Mead tor. Nice little view on a wonderful sunny day!

Wanderings around London

Dennis Severes House, St Dunstan in the East Church and Kensington Palace. A few of the places I went and explored in June. Some random, some beautiful and all interesting!