25+ things...

After the success of 20+ things before I leave, it seems it is time, being back in the UK to compile a new list. Places to go, things to see and do have been swirling around in my head ever since I decided I wouldn't renew my contract in Korea for a third year. I think we all have these kinds of lists in our heads; be it about travel, or decorating our house, something work related, in our personal lives or regarding our personal appearance. Things we think about doing or changing in the future, when we have the time or the real inclination. For me, unless these things are written down, they get left, or forgotten about and usually never see fruition. That's why my blog list, really worked. I had a time limit, a goal to work towards and it forced me to not leave everything until the last month or two (I also learned this from my year in China). So, without further ado, here is my new challenge, my new list. Things I want to do in the UK, and although I obviously have no pressing time limit, I want to set myself the target to do all of these things within the next year (and a bit); by December 2013.

1. Drinks/Cocktails with my good friend Nicola (Her suggestions so far include; Speakeasy cocktail bar, St Paul's cocktails, Chelmsford Ice Bar) Patch Bar 3rd April 2013

2. Experience Hyde Park Winter Wonderland and see Oxford Street Christmas lights. 10th December with my Uni Girls

3. Edinburgh with my mum. February 2013

4. Explore Olympic park. 5th April 2014

5. Catch some Cherry Blossoms in Regent's park. Went to Kyoto Garden in Holland Park

6. Take a literary walking tour in London.

7. Wander around Borough market. 6th September 2013

8. Visit the Imperial War Museum. I can't do this until 2014 as the museum is closed until then unfortunately. Went here with work in 2015

9. Walk along the Scotland/England border.

10. Spend some time on Primrose Hill. June 2013

11. Shopping in Westfield, Stratford. October 2013

12. Visit Stonehenge. 20th September

13. Grab some bargains at the East End Thrift Store. Not so much bargains as a health and safety risk!

14. Take the Jack the Ripper tour. 6th August 2013

15. Hang out in one of London's great parks and enjoy the Autumn and spring colours.

16. Visit London at least once a month and go to a museum/gallery/area I've never been to before. Although this is ongoing, I now live and work in London and part of my job is to arrange regular tours and supervise various visits in and around London so I am definitely fulfilling this part of the list.
The world's longest pier #17

17. Head to Southend for some fish and chips and silly fun with friends. 15th July 2013

18. Take a tour of the famous Highgate Cemetery. 9th March 2014

19. Chocolate Afternoon Tea with mum in Park Lane 1st October 2012 (Ok, cheating a bit as I've already done this!)

20. Fireworks at a decent display (be it Essex or London). Southwark Park 2016 & 2017

21. Bargain shopping on the King's Road (Daliah is in charge of this day out!)

22. Tour Somerset House, Hampton Court (2017) and the Tower of London (2016).

23. RAF Underground Bunker.

24. Complete the race for life in Brentwood or Chelmsford. Well I did Finsbury Park 6th October 2013

25. Eat at Afghan kitchen, Islington. 10th May 2013

26. Eat in Duck and Waffle

27. Visit Windsor Castle

28. A trip to Liverpool to mark 10 years since I started university Lila* 10th Anniversary party November 2014


  1. Glad your old Mum is in there!!

  2. I like your plan with your life that was awesome. Hows you jack the ripper tour are you enjoy?