Saturday, 2 September 2017

Wanderings Lately :: August

The wonderful August weather didn't show itself until right near the end so this summer has been a bit of a wash-out. Although I am no longer defined compleletly by the academic year - August was always the last month of the summer as September meant going back to school - it still feel like summer is over now we're in September. In reality the beginning of September can be just as nice as August sometimes so I'm still holding out for an Indian summer and the chance to get out into our garden a few more times before autumn truly begins! 

Climbing Mountains

Vanessa invited me to join her and some other friends on a hike up Scafell Pike, England's highest peak. It was pretty tough and I ended up with bruises on my toes (probably wasn't wearing the correct footwear) but the views were totally worth it. I've made a video of it as well.

Garden Bounty

I've got a lot of green tomatoes in the garden but in August I finally found a red one! Hoping more of the green ones have turned red since I've been out of London.

West London

Two trips to west London this month, one to the south to have a long overdue uni girls catch up in Balham and another to take a trip to Chiswick House which was a good. The house is quite sparse, especially downstairs but it's interesting to see the inspiration behind of the architecture.


For the final week of August I've been in Cornwall with my family. The weather has been a bit hit or miss but the final day has been lovely and we have a pool so that's a bonus! 

::Has your end of summer been a good one?::

Wednesday, 2 August 2017

Wanderings Lately :: July

July has been pretty disappointing weather wise - the majority of the time we've had rain. I kept myself pretty buy though, which made this all the more bearable!

I'm keeping my fingers crossed for a come back from the sun during August. Especially as we have a family holiday in Cornwall where I don't intend to be stuck indoors!

July has brought about the end of our crazy busy period at work, and things are moving into a slightly calmer period of planning for next year. This is nice, but also confusing as my head is mostly in 2018 throughout the day!

I've also started to plan a few trips in the next six months or so which is always a thrill!


Exploring by bike with my brother (and ending with a cheeky pint), finally seeking out the plaque at Bethnal Green for the WWII tragedy, the Hawk I encountered at King's Cross station, watching my friend's end of term ukulele show and dragging my housemate to the Prudential Ride London and enjoying the centre of town without cars!


I spent a weekend with Vanessa in Leeds, mostly there for the Yoga Hero festival  but also managing to get ourselves out into the fields to pick our own strawberries. I was aching for the next week after the full day of yoga sessions, but it was worth it for the fun we had!


Well technically the London Borough of Richmond but to stick with the place name headings we'll go with Surrey! I had a voucher for me and 3 friends to visit Hampton Court Palace, which we did at the beginning of the month. It was a lovely day out, and full of history. The layout wasn't the best and we got a bit confused on the line of succession after the Tudors but the parts about Henry VIII were good. Plus Ayoola and I beat Siobhan and Felix to the centre of the maze!


I work for an American company, so in July we had a small celebration for our students on the 4th of July. This was my offering for the cake stand!

A Sad Demise

I managed to completely destroy my fountain pen in my bag this month which was very upsetting. But thanks to ebay I was able to order another - second hand so no wastage and the seller listened to my request and send it to my without plastic wrapping. The new pen doesn't match my biro and mechanical pencil but it does remind me of handwriting lessons from primary school and that's quite a nice feeling!

Friday, 7 July 2017

Wanderings Lately :: June

Ahh still a little bit late! Here's my round up of things i got up to in June.

The weather has really turned nice this year and I am currently writing this post from my lovely garden in Canada Water! The week ahead looks great weather-wise, and July is shaping up pretty nicely to as I have lots of exciting plans for the weekends. Spring and Autumn are definitely my favourite seasons, but summer is very close behind!

Work is letting up slightly too, as my student groups start to leave after their time abroad. I've got some (very) exciting and long overdue travel plans in the works plus a few weekends away in the UK to look forward to as well. 

I'm attempting plastic free July, which means I'm pledging (and hopefully succeeding) to not use any single-use plastic items this whole month. That includes plastic bags, straws and bottles. Wish me luck! If you want to sign up it's not too late, head to the website and register!


I went to see the play Terror with a couple of friends and it was very thought provoking. Set in a German court, an airforce pilot is on trial for the murder of 126 people who were on a flight that was hijacked by terrorists and heading into a crash at a large football stadium full on 20,000 people. The pilot goes against orders and shoots down the plane killing all on board. He justifies this as he was able to avoid the catastrophe of the crash into the stadium. However, we also heard that those in authority watched the plane on it's journey towards the stadium for 28 minutes without evacuating the stadium. At the end of the play we had to vote guilty or not guilty. At our performance he was found not guilty.

Summer Bike Rides

Another interesting bike ride took me down the river through Greenwich, Woolwich and to Thames Mead tor. Nice little view on a wonderful sunny day!

Wanderings around London

Dennis Severes House, St Dunstan in the East Church and Kensington Palace. A few of the places I went and explored in June. Some random, some beautiful and all interesting!

Thursday, 22 June 2017

Wandering Lately :: April/May

Well, I have not done very well with this recently... but I want to get this post out before the end of June to get back on track (and also to stop my mum going on about new posts!)

So, here are my wandering for April & May!


The nice weather hit London and I happened to have a meeting out of the office one of the sunny days, so I was quite chuffed with that! Whenever I have to get to tube during work hours I'm always surprised how busy it is - not rush hour busy but still. I suppose this is other people heading to work related things (and tourists) but still interesting to see how many people are using the tube in the daytime!

I also headed to Brighton in May, and we were incredibly lucky with the weather. I didn't take many photos as I've been so many times before. Always impressed by the Pavilion no matter how many times I visit though!

London Marathon

The London Marathon route passes very close to our house, so my housemate and I decided to head out for a little bit to cheer on the runners. Very impressed by all of those running as it's such an achievement; and even more so to all of those people running in crazy costumes!


My brother put on a gig this May, and we all headed down to the Beehive in Bow to watch his music video and listen to some of his songs. The room was quite small so it was a very intimate gig but we all had fun. Hear more of his stuff here.


I think Brenda from Bristol spoke for most of the country after Theresa May called her snap general election, which aimed to secure her a greater majority and succeeded in ruining her political reputation and ending up with a hung parliament. For some reason the Liberal Democrats decided to inundate me with leaflets canvassing for my vote practically daily much to my annoyance. Since this started to get out of hand, I took the decision to keep all of their letters and pamphlets and sent them back to them just before the election asking to be taken off the mailing list. In any event, their aggressive campaign was unsuccessful as Labour was voted in again in our borough.

Cooking Success

After my disastrous  first attempt at these pancakes, it turns out that it was in fact the dodgy pan I was using that made them such a failure as we invested in a new frying pan and I gave them another go to the above triumph! However, the peanut butter sauce that you see above did end up burning in the microwave when I tried warming it up a second time. Opps.

Bike Rides

In May I finally decided to join one of the Southwark Cyclists 'healthy rides' and since then I have joined on a few different bike rides around southwark/south-east London on a Saturday morning. I first heard about these from a lady who was volunteering in the Surrey Docks Farm Shop but it took me quite a while to actually join in a ride. I'm really enjoying them though and an planning to head off on another this Saturday which is going to Brixton to search for some street art. It's nice to get out on my bike, particularly in the nice weather, and it not being just to get to/from work.


I attempted to grow things in our garden again... since I took these photos the sunflowers have all died and the green house was knocked over in the wind so I lost at least one of the tomato plants. Fingers crossed for the rest of them though!

Bank Holiday

Of course the bank holiday was full of rubbish weather. On the Monday I spent the afternoon with my housemate in our living room reading our books. Not exactly exciting but very relaxing!

Sunday, 18 June 2017

5 of the best snacks to eat in the library

I wrote this post over a year ago, and never finished it properly enough to publish. I wanted to finally get some of my draft posts on my blog, so I am revisiting this now, although I have been free of library days for near a year now!

I've spent a lot of time over recent weeks in my university library. Since we all know that the library is a quiet space it can be annoying when the person sitting next to (or just near to) you pulls out an apple and starts noisily munching away at it. If your work is flowing and your writing going well, you don't want to get up mid flow and go out to eat something so you just need to eat whilst you're in there. As I spend so many hours in the library next to inconsiderate people chomping loudly on their snacks I've given a lot of through to alternatives foods that  don't make loads of noise distracting your fellow students.

1. Brownies

I bought this brownie in Pret, after I was craving one and didn't want to buy a pack of three from Tesco. I was a little skeptical about whether it would be good or not, since it came packaged in plastic and didn't seem like it was baked fresh that day (unlike the croissants etc that are displayed unpackaged at the counter). Although I do wish it wasn't packaged in plastic (bad environmental karma there) it was the BEST brownie I've ever had. Quelle surprise! I couldn't really believe how nice it was! AND great for the library because once you've undone that plastic (I do this outside the library to avoid all the rustling) it's not crispy or crunchy so not as likely to disturb anyone around you.

2. Cashew Nuts

Cashews... although nuts aren't generally the best snacks to eat when you're trying to be quiet, I've found cashews are soft enough to get away with. Particularly if you are studying at an individual desk. You're not as close to other people then and can discreetly munch away!

3. Raisins
Usually in a cardboard bow (or you can decant from a larger pack at home into your own quiet packaging). Raisins are the number 1 silent snack!

4. Banana

Slight noise when you first peel the skin but after that, bananas are so soft you'll get away with eating as many as you want!

5. Sweet Potato Fries

These are a weird choice maybe, but I've enjoyed these quite a lot recently. It takes some preparation at home but they are a decent


Chocolates - maltesters, minstrels, m&m's,

You need to be careful about the packets (open outside!) but once you get these bad boys open you can just let these melt in your mouth rather than chewing and unless you're slurping all over the place no one's going to know!