Sunday 31 October 2010

Lots of food and a random celebrity..

Stuff I've done this week... Itaewon (foreigner street) for some western food, Fish market with my school, Free opera concert at the university near my house and more western food, mixed with a spotting of a Korean celebrity, although I have no idea who he was! Here are a few pics of this week in Seoul...

Free bread rolls!

Fish and Chips! Bit too much batter but little bit of England! :-)

Wendy and her carbonara!

Chelsea and a massive burger!

Chip butty!

Work some of my students did - 'In our dream room the floor is made of mahogany wood and the walls are painted in beige... There is a variety of exquisite plates. There is a big, luxurious desk'

La Traviata Opera first scene. (with the famous song)

 La traviata, Last scene (where she dies)

Korean teenagers waiting outside the TV station for a glimpse of their favourite k-pop stars as they drive past!

Actually running down the road after this car! After I took this a guy rolled down the window and waved at the people waiting.

Seafood Carbonara, with strange but very delicious pancake-type cover!

It was immense!

Saturday 23 October 2010

Bits and Bobs

Here are some bits and pieces from this week!

This was scouts club this week. They used our English Classroom as the cookery rooms were full. Cake decorating... It was a bit like the generation game where the professional shows you how to do it and then the contestants get about 1 minute to try and not make a complete mess.

bit weird as the cake was decorated with orange, cream and tomatoes.

I had a cinnamon pretzel from here, it was delicious! Love the packaging too!

Back to the Pirate restaurant where the guy was loving Chris!

Soju bear!

River cruise pictures... sorry about the blurry-ness

Sunday 17 October 2010


On Friday I went with Fontaine to get my haircut. Anyone who was with me in China knows that I am now petrified of having my haircut as my first encounter in China wasn't a pleasant one... and I hate the hairdressers anyway in England. Thankfully this time I was very clear that I didn't want much cut off and the hairdresser was really good so it was a success. We managed to persuade them (2 women who cut and then dried my hair) to take a picture with us!

Lady on the left dried my hair and on the right was mine and Fontaine's Stylist.

Afterwards we got some food!

Met Park Ji Sung

Went to a Bar called Woodstock

Found a Bull for perfect picture opportunity.

Got the train home

and finally met two drunk and very eager Koreans!

 Me and Irish Potato!

Line 2 Subway train

Haircut ladies!

...and just to be clear, this is how short they cut it in China.

School dayz

A little bit of what's been going on at school for ya'll to peruse!

Sixth Grade students with our 'Before I die I want to...' display. We took polaroid pictures of each pair of students in class and they wrote on their wishes and then stuck them onto the display. Still cannot believe that we have a budget for English class and were able to buy all the polaroid films with it (borrowed the camera off another teacher). This place is ace!!

American Monopoly... I duly informed everyone who would listen that the original is British! Apparently there is a Korean version but you are able to buy planets and stars rather than Old Kent Road and Mayfair!!

Mine and My co-teachers example photos. (Couldn't really think of anything good and didn't think that 'I want to visit North Korea' would be a good idea!)

This student's name is Kim Sung Ill (photo doesn't really show his name tag very well!)

Saturday 16 October 2010

International Football

We managed to get tickets (thanks to my Co-teacher) to see the friendly international football match between South Korea and Japan. This was only my second time at a live footie match as my dad wouldn't take me when I was young cos I'm a girl (sexist or what!!?!?!)

The game wasn't really that exciting, and Park Ji Sung was injured so he didn't play, although we caught a glimpse on the big screen!! But the atmosphere alone was worth it cos the fans were great, they got a bit over excited about the slightest thing, and booed everytime the Japanese got the ball! Only two real chances for scoring so as fans used to British football we were disappointed with the excitment... Fontaine was used to it though as she supports Spurs at home... (Hope she reads that!!) 

SK are called the red devils, so we bought the light-up horns for same outside (will probs also make an appearance at Halloween!)

These fans went crazy for everything and were in charge of all the chants that rang around the stadium. (2 of which we're sure are English songs!)

Half time.

Women's champions!

Women's trophy presentation at half time!

This was a banner in support of the 2022 World Cup bid!

Korea 0-0 Japan