Friday 11 October 2019

Wanderings Lately :: September 2019

The beginning of October has been a bit rubbish weather wise and autumn is well and truly here. September as always was back to school month, where the area around where I work was full of students starting their university journeys (although this also carries over into October so we get 2 months of it!).

At the beginning of the month I went to the CSSC games again to play netball, as I did two years ago. Our team didn't get past the group stages but our first team won the entire tournament which was exciting. It's also a treat to play indoors and get a feel for how it's played at a higher level. Staying overnight in Loughborough is also a reminder of what a student dorm room is like and how I'm glad to not have to live in a small, lifeless box any longer!

It's also two years since I had my interview for my current job - I went for my interview the Monday after the games in 2017. It didn't all happen straight away but a few months later I started at the role I am still currently in and was a nice reminder of that journey.

Bake off started this month, so my Tuesday evenings are full of cakes and biscuits. This year's programme is a bit disappointing as it seems to have lost its way a little bit with much less of a warm, supportive feel and more about getting the bakers to try and produce weird creations that no one has ever heard of. Bit of a shame and hopefully next year they will go back to the normal format.

We've also continued to add bits to our house, now having a second sofa in the living room and having hung a few photos and mirrors etc. It's definitely got more of a homely feeling now which is great! I love this time of year when its just transitioning, my nosy side comes out as I walk past other people in their home with the lights on. It's also the time when you're walking home early evening (but it's dark) and all I'm thinking about is getting into my warm, cosy house and having a cup of tea. Victor thinks it's just an excuse for me to have more tea, but there's just something comforting about a cup of tea and I never need an excuse for one (or three!)

CSSC two years on...

Beamers Wasps (top picture), Beamers Bees and Wasps (middle picture) and my arty attempt after one of the winners slipped off her trainers after the final whistle.

House love

Hung up our Scotland maps. Absolutely love having a fireplace! I'm also really enjoying the butcher's block we bought. It's so handy in the kitchen as we don't have a lot of counter space and it's the perfect baking pal!

Autumn walks

Another walk along the Parkline. Such a great autumn walk, even if it did rain a bit on this occasion!


Got victor to come for an autumn sunshine walk in Battersea park which was lovely and incredibly busy. Also took a sneaky photo when he was last playing football in Clapham.