30 before 30

I really am a list writing maniac... the only good thing (as I can see it) to come out of turning 29 is that I have a specific title for my latest list.To be honest, I'd rather this was just a random list, but as I have one year until I am no longer in my twenties, I intend to make the most of it. I have left travel related things off this list, and it's mainly things to see, do and eat around London. So without further ado, here is my list of 30 things to accomplish before February next year.

Blenheim Palace
Museums and Tourist Things

1. Visit the Imperial War Museum (especially as it's 100 years since the start of WWI) 27th October 2014 (With my Mum)


2. Walk around Blenheim Palace, the only non-Royal, Non-religious country house with the title 'Palace' 24th May 2015 (With my boy)

3. Find out about the start of time at the Royal Observatory in Greenwich

4. Step inside the 19th Century operating theatre in Lambeth 31st August 2015 (It's in London Bridge not Lambeth!)

5. Take some quiet contemplation in Poet's Corner in Westminster Abbey 3rd May 2014 (with Samantha)

6. See the Cherry Blossoms in Kyoto Garden, Holland Park. 14th June 2014. A bit late for the Cherry Blossoms... (With Vanessa)

7. Walk along Erith Pier, London's longest Pier and the starting point for the LOOP (London Outer Orbital Path)

8. Finally visit the Foundling Museum, right by my house but as yet STILL unvisited! 28th June 2014


9. Walk around the whispering gallery in St Paul's Cathedral November 2016 with work

10. Spend a day at the Museum of Brands, Packaging and Advertising 10th August 2014 (With my Mum)

11. Finally stop being so stingy and pay to look around the Tower of London 13th August 2014 (With Chelsea)

12. Spend an afternoon in the Charles Dickens Museum, another one RIGHT ON MY DOORSTEP! 13th September 2014


13. Visit the grave of Marx, Malcolm McLaren and many other notable people at Highgate Cemetery 9th March 2014 (With Daliah)

Food and Drink

14. Master the recipes from my Deliciously Vintage recipe book

15. Finally go for drinks in the fridge door speakeasy 18th June 2014 (With Gilda)

16. Enjoy wine and cheese at Gordon's Bar.13th August 2014 (Wine, but not cheese)

17. Dinner at Jamie Oliver's Fifteen restaurant Dinner with Nicola 8th May 2014

18. Grab a drink at the Wibbley Wobbley floating pub. Welcome drinks with Samantha 18th December 2014

19. Dim Sum (Maybe at Ping Pong), because it's been too long!!  27th June 2014 Chinatown (With Macey)

20. Master the skill of making Macarons from scratch 10th February 2018

21. Eat at the Duck and Waffle

22. Experience dinner at Circus restaurant 13th February (With Friends for my Birthday)

23. Sample the cakes from Bea's of Bloomsbury 24th September 2014

24. Indian food at Dishoom 11th July 2014 (With Jasmin)


Culture and Literature

25. Read war and peace

26. Spend an evening at the opera 9th August 2014 - Adriana Lecouveur @ Holland Park (With Mum)

27. Watch the sunrise over Primrose Hill 21st June 2014 (Summer Solstice)

28. Admire the sunset from Waterloo Bridge

Number 20
29. See a film at the Renoir

30. Swim and sunbathe at the Brockwell Lido

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  1. Don't go to the Packaging Museum without me!! - Impressed with the Battenberg :-)