Friday 1 July 2022

Wanderings Lately :: April & May 2022

I offer this post, sat in my drafts for 2 years, with no great explanations. I would like to commit to writing regularly again, or at least publishing some (or all?) of the 13 posts I have in draft. But I should avoid making commitments I cannot keep.

Maybe I will be able to post a few updates here and there this year. We'll see...

Local bluebell woods.

Progress from 2022 to our utility room. It's now in a usable condition, and almost completely finished.

The cat, looking cute (and grumpy).

Some pictures from a short trip to Naples with family, we visited Pompeii, ate a lot of pizza and drank many aperols.

When our car was brand new and I was trying to take an arty photo.

Big mess from our bathroom renovation. With a lot of stress, it was finally finished and is an improvement but we certainly learnt a lot from this experience.

The dark clouds are threatening above here, but I was so chuffed to finally have an outside washing line.

Frida looking after my wedding bouquet.

Beautiful weather for hot cross buns and mowing the lawn.

Back when our chiminea wasn't full on rusty and falling apart.

Sheer joy when the cat briefly sat on my lap.

The view from a short walk I did during a work trip to Cumberland Lodge. That's the long walk towards Windsor Castle.

A new cover for my greenhouse, which has since disintegrated and the poles have rusted. I've replaced this greenhouse with a wooden one from Aldi.

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