Wednesday 5 January 2011

63 Building

This afternoon (wednesday) after Winter camp I decided to go and check out 63 building. It used to be the tallest building in Asia (for about 5 mins in 1985), but now it's just the tallest in Seoul. It's in the business district of Seoul (like canada tower in Docklands) and inside, in addition to the offices there is an Aquarium, Wax works Museum and art gallery. I didn't go to see the art but my new Korean friend Carol and I went to check out the Fish and models.

Happy Feet

Famous Korean animation characters

I decided to be clever and press the button on the wall next to this cage. Whereupon a loud booming voice came over the speaker apparently giving loads of info about otters. Obviously I couldn't understand anything, and everyone looked at the stupid foreigner who pressed the button...

Apparently the massive 2 metre cartoon otter in the background is how big otters can get... Scary thought.

Ethereal coloured coral that didn't really come out on my camera.


Carol and a seal

Blurry because they were swimming incredibly fast

Bit random, models of Bart and Maggie. She's inside the fish tank and he's looking in..

Heart stuck on the tank for lovers pictures.

Sea lion show

Complete with Pirates


Synchronised swimming performance inside the main tank.

Really quite bizarre.

Found my man, lurking round a dark corner.

Eye eye.

What this country needs is a female president... (me)

Why hello Mr President

S'up Lad?!

Wa gwan blud?


The last supper

Apparently this isn't Harry Potter, but a famous Korean Actor. Could've fooled me.

Big up the British Rock stars!

Beatles; Let it be and yesterday.

Marilyn Monroe. Allegedly.

Beckham's tiny feet.

Guus Hiddink. Helped Korea get fourth place in the 2002 World Cup.

'The most advanced computer technology in the world' that takes your photo and makes it look like it's a painted picture. Now whilst I would imagine that South Korea does have some of the world's most advanced computer technology, I would hazard a guess it is not, in fact housed in the wax works museum in 63 building.

For all the English teachers in Korea. It's official; Nami is wanted, dead or alive for crimes against pronunciation.

Seriously, the Queen didn't look this good when I last saw her.

Me and Santa. We shared a moment. Then I nicked all his presents and scarpered.

Hangang gong won. Nice and snowy still

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