Sunday 13 February 2011


After returning back to Korea to work for 2 days (!) I was off again, this time to Tokyo where I met back up with Kev. We only really had 2 full days there so we tried to cram in as much as we could.

Tokyo Tower

View of the city

Sumo town. There was a big tournament on the weekend after our visit so there were a lot of sumo walking around and television crews everywhere.

The Imperial Palace

and again

Also managed to drag Kev to a photography exhibition

in return for checking out the beer museum near by

Sushi, the local delicacy

Harajuku (in honour of Gwen Stefani) the museum place was closed though so this ended up just being a place to wander around, some parts really reminded me of Camden Lock.

Yutaka met us one night and took us for food and drinks around the Asakusa area

Where we sampled some traditional japanese culture (the arcade!)
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