Sunday 25 September 2011


I love receiving post. You have to send to receive, and lately I've been a bit slack with my friends at home, although Nicola and I keep up our letters fairly reguarly. I found this great project online which ensures I will receive more post, from all across the world, from places that I might never have thought to visit. It's called postcrossing. It's all about sending and receiving postcards, from and to people all over the world. Once you've signed up you request an address. You have to send a postcard first, to a user picked randomly from the website. Once that person receives your postcard they register it and you are eligible for a postcard back. You can select your preferences, to be sent postcards of famous places, or funny pictures, or arty photos, anything you like. And it's up to you what you write on it, a short message about yourself, or a favourite quote, or some information about the place on the postcard. It looks like a great project to me and my first postcard is setting off to Russia tomorrow. I can't wait to start getting more post, from across the world, and who doesn't like a good postcard? Watch this space for my first delivery...

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