Tuesday 13 March 2012

Phuket: Elephant Trekking

Nic and I had two things we each wanted to do in Thailand. Mine was Kayaking, and Nic's was riding an Elephant. I'd already done an Elephant ride last summer, but I'm glad we both went on this one because it was much better than my previous one. In fact it makes that one seem like a donkey ride at the seaside. The weather was ridiculously hot, and I'm sure I got a few of my many mozzie bites during our trek, but they've healed now and the good time is all I remember! :-) Our 'driver' even hopped off for a while to give us a go sitting on the elephant's head (I was super scared but Nic shamed me into it!) and Nic was driving the elephant for a while too! After our ride we also got to feed them, which was also a bit scary! We looked around the Mahouts home and watched one of the elephants washing in the river. What a good day! Our tour was with 'New Star' and we booked it at our nearest tour shop but I can highly recommend it if you're staying in Krabi.

Where to gov'?

Got a bit worried when our Mahout jumped off...


Queen of Sheba up there!

Did you spot Nic's weird shaped chest? -Insect repellent!

Want a banana?

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