Monday 2 April 2012

Driving around Phuket Island

 One of the best things Nic and I did in Phuket was hire a jeep for the day and take ourselves off exploring. It was an old car, but I was really eager to drive again as I don't drive in Korea and I miss it. Thailand drives on the same side of the road as us in the UK so there wasn't much to get used to. We had a bit of trouble to begin with reading the map but that just meant we were able to explore and see more of the island than we probably would have otherwise. Our day took us across the island from Karon beach to Phuket old town. A lovely little town full of colonial buildings and an interesting tourist walking tour (and the Hostel used in the Beach film). We then took ourselves on a hair-raising drive up a mountain to watch the sunset from the big Buddha statue. It was incredibly steep and at one point forced us to use first gear to make it up. I was glad Nic was driving at this point as she handled it very well! Here are a couple of films of our adventures and a longer one coming soon from England! This was a great day for us, and I would recommend anyone who isn't comfortable or confident enough to whizz around on a scooter to hire a car instead. Great fun!

The closest either of us got to a scooter

Driving along in my automobile

First stop: Phuket Old Town

Milkshake and a cake.

It took a lot longer than 10 minutes, what a terrible estimation!

The big buddha: Phuket

Colonial buildings. It reminded me a lot of Georgetown in Penang, Malaysia.

Celebrations for lunar new year.

Feel the force Luke.

Can you see the Buddha at the top of the mountain?

After our scary journey up

Beautiful view of the bay where we were staying

then we watched the sun dissappear

Two little friends on the road

Driving in the dark

A glimpse of a sunset on our way down.

Just before we gave her back.
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