Tuesday 29 May 2012


Two Weekends ago I finally managed to get to Everland, Korea's biggest theme park with a couple of friends. We had arranged to go on our day off at the beginning of May but then the day before the holiday my school decided that I couldn't have the time off and I had to go to scvhool anyway (this is some of the stupidity that happens over in this side of the world.) Anyway we got up early  onn the sunday and headed off to the park. There is a public bus that takes you straight to the entrance to the park (gangnam stn, exit 10 bus number 5002 outside Krispy Creme donut shop) Fabulous transport system! It was a very sunny day and thankfully the place wasn't *too* busy so the longest we had to wait for a ride was an hour. Not bad for a large theme park on a lovely day! Much merriment to be had!

The water raft ride with waterproof covers, only in Korea!

A little taster of America

Ryan and Maddie indulged my American Diner fantasy for lunch

Polar Bear

This is a smart phone that someone dropped through the bars while taking a picture of the polar bear. It tried to eat it but I think it was too big to swallow!

Dr Livingstone I presume?

One Liger


Liger (offspring of a Tiger and a Lion)
Brown Bear
Brown Bear in a hole

Flamingo on one leg



Over to Holland

Angry Bird Crisps anyone?
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