Tuesday 17 July 2012

A walk around Sam Cheong Dong

SamCheong and BukChon are two neighnourhood between GyeongBuk and ChangDeok Palaces. Just north of tourist haven Insadong they are lovely areas full of tradition and character. There are great small boutique shops, cafes and restaurants art galleries, museums and craft workshops. I've been here a few times, to the Owl art museum, for the disappointing toy museum and for one of the strangest burgers I've ever eaten. My meditation class is a stones throw from the main area and I had a lovely Christmas eve lunch at a spanish restaurant here too. There are two tourist booths here and they have a great map of a walking tour. Last weekend, as the rain held off Myheshni and I decided to make the most of it and follow the tour (another thing off my list! Yay!). With camera in hand we saw traditional buildings, took photos a the designated 'photo spot' points and had a great afternoon wandering around chatting up a storm! I would really recommend the tour as you can take it leisurely, stopping at any of the huge number of shops or cafes. We only got lost a couple of times, and that's really only because I was in charge of the map. To get here, go out of exit 1 at anguk station, turn left and walk about 30 seconds, go up the small, pedestrian street on your left. You'll reach the tourist booth at the start of the walking tour where you can pick up the map in various languages.

This was the first outing of my Le Sac dress. The verdict? Great, stylish and comfortable!

The cafe where we ate our lunch was very quirky.

Christmas things still up

Cushion with hands

Panini?! with roasted veg and cheese. Plus banana garnish. Weird!

Banana smoothie cocktail


Wall street art

Stupid signs ruined my picture

Photospot 7

Photospot 6

Photospot 5

Photospot 4

A very brightly coloured building

A golden buddha amid the grey roofs

Some more street art

I couldn't get a good picture of this because of the reflection on the window but he was very cute. If I could have I would have bought him.<3

Hanok traditional housing.

I thought you liked being involved...? Sorry my mistake! :-)
 We stood for ages trying to get a good picture of the following archway and mountian/palace in the distance but people kept coming and stopping! So these were the best I could get!

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  1. Ooo! I recognise quite a few of those buildings! I have a picture of the steps and the cafe. Did you visit the Asian Art Gallery at the top? It was worth the small trek and the guides were very informative :)

    M x