Thursday 25 July 2013

Walking around Barcelona

On the walking tour (from Travel bound) of Barcelona, we headed off around the gothic quarter of the city, hearing lots of tales about the complex and fascinating history of the fabulous city. I finally got to see my brother in tour guide action, although we had quite a small group so he was a little toned down than normal (or so I've heard). I didn't take the cycling tour of the city, which takes you further up to see Sagrada Familia and Gaudi's various houses. I'd seen these a few years ago on my last visit to Barcelona. I did walk up to the Casa Oriental (and therefore past Gaudi's house) on another day, only to find the place closed!

If you're in Barcelona, definitely take one of the walking tours, they are free (aside from a tip to your guide) and a great way to see the city and hear the story of Barcelona - from a person rather than out of a guide book.

On this second trip to Barcelona, I really enjoyed wandering around this very walkable city, despite my sandals gave me blisters (ON THE BOTTOM OF MY FEET!) on the first day! I found the nicest place for a wander was around the area to the east of Las Rambla, along to the Arc De Triomf with a stop off in Parc de la Ciutadella (and the very ornate Gaudi fountain) You could also take the Mario Kart challenge behind the Arc!

Picasso's favourite absinthe bar!
Follow the modernist trail around the city

Picasso's drawings on the school of Architecture

The old gate of the city

Reused bricks from an old synagogue (identified by the remaining Hebrew)
Wilfred the Hairy (founder of Barcelona - I think)
The same steps that Columbus walked up

George; patron saint of just about everywhere!

Statue in George Orwell square - a camera (Big brother's watching you)
Gaudi's first piece of work - a lamp post
The destruction of war

The buildings in this small square particularly bare the scars from the civil war.
This is the fountain from this music video
Also in this square: Shoe museum!!

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