Wednesday 3 December 2014

The Birthplace of Buddha

When I found the tour of India and Nepal, there were a few places on the route that I particularly wanted to visit. The Taj Mahal (for its fame and reported beauty), Varanasi (after reading about Brenna's visit) and Lumbini (the birthplace of Buddha). I'm not Buddhist, but I explored many askpects of Buddha's teachings while living in Korea. I have written about some of them here and here. Visiting the site of his birth, and hearing of the miraculous way he (allegedly) came into the world was interesting. Essentially this is just a quiet place to visit, and pay respects. The stories are interesting, and the atmosphere is serene and quiet. Mostly as you walk around the old noise you hear is the faint flapping sound from the prayer flags. 

Dotted all around are sayings from the Buddha, and it's difficult not to take photos of all of them as they are so full of wisdom. I chose to take a tuk-tuk across the complex to the small museum. Whilst the museum itself is not particularly interesting or worthwhile. The experience of travelling alongside the canal, heading past other visitors paying respects and seeing more of the Buddha's sayings was definitely worth it for me.

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