Saturday 9 April 2016

Wanderings Lately :: March

It's now the 9th of April and I am really late with my Wandering Lately post! March was a full month of study, work, trips to Oxford and back to Essex for the Easter weekend. I missed my official MA dissertation deadline, which means I will need to resubmit. Thankfully that means I will get another year to complete the thesis. It's extremely hard to juggle a fulfilling but hectic job, general life stuff (I spent my Friday evening doing my food shop this week - rock and roll!), and trying to have some semblance of a social life with studying. I am moving forward with my dissertation though so although progress is slow, it is going somewhere. I am definitely a tortoise rather than a hare!

This Month I read an amazing book, the last in my monthly delivery from Willoughby Book Club: 'Butterfly's Shadow'. If I didn't have a massive stack of books to read - presents from Christmas and birthday(s!), then I would probably have extended my subscription to the service as the books I received were really well matched to the preferences I send them.   

This month I also made use of living in a house with a garden; planting the bulbs my Mum gave me for Easter instead of an egg, and I also invested in another house plant - this time for my room. The gardening was hard work, and I was definitely sore after all the digging, but there are now A LOT of flowers planted in my little flowerbed at the back of our garden and I am very excited to see what grows! I also cut our grass and persuaded my friend Macey to sit outside when she came over for dinner this week - it was pretty chilly by the end but we made the best of it!

Here's what else was significant this month...

Healthy snacks

I got the trek bar for free from my Nakd bar delivery. Incidentally this is the BEST way to buy the bars, in bulk from the website. It works out at 0.70p per bar and you get loads. Also I was having a lot of trouble finding my favourite flavour 'Berry Delight' in the shops. The Trek bar wasn't exactly a winner for me. I think it would be safe to say 'gluten, wheat, dairy and fun free' on the packet. 

I've started taking a jam jar salad into work for lunch and I love how convenient they are! I'm very late to the part with these but love how much variety there can be!

Lastly, I am in LOVE with these cinnamon nuts! They are from the Deliciously Ella website, and I think I probably spoke about then in a previous post but OH! I am spending so much money on almonds buying enough to make a batch of these every fortnight! They even got my parents' seal of approval when I took some home a few weeks ago!

Mother's Day

For mothers' day we headed up to my Brother's house in Oxford for the day. As always the food was delectable (he wasn't cooking!) and we got to look around Magdalen (pron: Mawdlin) college, where my brother is studying. Unfortunately we didn't see any deer there but maybe more into the Spring we can go back and see them.


I didn't take many pictures over Easter, but here are a couple - The top photos are of my Mum and me when we were both children. My Mum recently came across lots of old photos she's never seen before and we were looking through them. I could always pick my Mum out of a crowd (on her class school photo for example) and my Dad asked how it was so easy... and the answer? I basically just look for myself in the photo. Although it's quite easy to see in the ones above that one photo is clearly older than the other, I think the two children do kinda look the same.


I had my second student arrival to Oxford this month as well. The weather this time was glorious and I am now very familiar with the town so I felt a lot more confident showing students around etc. We had out usual tour of the city (including Christchurch college) finishing with afternoon tea. The students are a great group and all settled in pretty quickly.

And lastly...

Has anyone seen those adverts for the company 'Boomf'. Putting photos onto marshmallows. When I first saw an advert for them on TV I thought it was a joke. Such a random idea! BUT they are actually quite a good idea for us at work to give as gifts to faculty or visiting university staff. Once people have visited a few times they probably don't want another box of shortbread, chocolates or tea! We ordered a box as a test and I got to try one. They are random, but taste completely normal and did look quite cool in the box. We had photos of London on ours, and they came out pretty well. I definitely wouldn't buy for a friend or family member but as a corporate gift they are actually quite a good idea!

::How was your month? Did you enjoy March? Has Spring sprung where you are?::

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