Monday 8 May 2017

Find your why

I watched this video the other day and I thought it had a valuable message. It's really hard to live more consciously of the waste you are producing, to remember you need to keep aware that many of the things that you no longer want to use will find their way to you out of habit. Breaking habits is hard. So you need to really have a reason to do it.

On Friday night I went out for dinner and drinks with some friends, and I remembered to ask for no straw with my drink. (yay!) I had ordered a mojito, which will automatically come with a straw. I have a metal one in my bag, so I don't need the single use plastic one. As I gave my order, the waitress thought it a strange request but clearly wrote a note on the order. A different staff member brought the drinks over, and he gave over the drink, clarifying 'no straw?!' So I said yes, and he asked why. I just said that they are very bad for the environment and I don't need one. Clearly still not understanding my reasoning, he left a straw on the table instead.

The friends that I was with asked more about why I didn't want the straw and what's wrong with them. I tried to explain, but it didn't seem like the were convinced. 

Going back to the video linked above, I have a few different 'whys' for trying to reduce my rubbish. But for straws, it's all down to this video (warning this is difficult to watch and contains strong language). Since I watched this, I have also seen other videos where people are pulling plastic straws out of turtle's noses. It's very upsetting to watch, and I realise that I really don't need a straw that much.

I don't set out to change other people's mind about this particularly, I really believe that you cannot force anyone to change their habits or beliefs. We have to come to our own conclusions about these and find our own why. Until you have that you won't really make a long term sustainable change in your life. That's ok, I've found my why and maybe you will too some day. Or maybe you won't. I do not have control over you, but I do have control over me.

So this is why I will try my best to remember to refuse plastic straws, explain to those who ask, and I do hope that more people will come to this conclusion on their own.

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