Saturday 2 June 2018

Wanderings Lately :: May

May is a great month, beginning and ending with a bank holiday weekend. I had a few highlights this month, completing a week long intense course at work, completing in my second annual Beamers netball tournament and finishing my homemade dress. 

Here are the highlights:


I continued my challenge to make my own dress this month, and finished over the second bank holiday weekend. Thanks to my mum for the garden photoshoot! It took quite a bit of work, and worked out pretty expensive, but it's definitely a huge sense of achievement. I'm happy with the end result, even if I did have some doubts just before the end.

I may attempt another design, but perhaps not for a while yet!

Werk Perks

I spend one week attending a communications course at the FCO this month, the week of amazing weather where I spent every lunch break eating my lunch in St James' Park. On the final day, we were able to walk along Downing Street to take a photo outside Number 10. Palmerston the cat also made an appearance. Turns out you can't get too near the door, and are not allowed to touch the paint as our dirty fingerprints would ruin the shiny paint job.

I also attended an evening at the British Library to hear from one of our Chevening Fellows and we were treated to a short tour of the library ending in their Africa and Asia reading room. 

Sunny Bank Holidays

Our first bank holiday was fantastic, and on the Saturday I went for a chicken burger at the John Lewis roof garden. A (sort of) secret oasis in the centre of Oxford Street. Although we went on the first day and it was quite busy, you would never know you're in the middle of the busiest shopping street in London, the roof is a world away!

Exploring the Wetlands

Another bank holiday adventure was to the London Wetland Centre, where we wandered all around in the sunshine spotting birds we didn't know the name of and cute otters hanging out on the rocks.


Beamers in the sunshine tournament where we reached the quarter finals (one stage better than last year!)
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