Sunday 2 September 2018

My Blog Birthday

Eight years ago today I published my first posts. I'm not as prolific as I used to be, but then I don't spend as much time behind a desk with nothing to do any longer. What started out as Seoul Music (probably the worst blog name ever) became Wanderings and Wonderings. I still like this name now; as this is just a place to write about what I get up to, where I've been and perhaps sometimes just how I'm feeling, or a way to try to make sense of what's happened, or thinking about the future or really just to wallow.

I went through a stage where I was reading a lot of other blogs from people who had started to become successful and make money from theirs. I considered that perhaps I could give that a go, with my spare afternoons at work (in Korea) I navigated through bloggers different themes, learnt a tiny bit about HTML and attempted to monetise my space on the internet. I quickly learnt that with only about 3 followers and fairly boring personal content I wasn't going to be the next big thing on the internet. Plus I basically couldn't be bothered to put in the (wo)man hours. 

So here it stands, my little space online where I write about me... how self indulgent. It's mostly just so that I have a journal of memories, and also because I like writing. It'll never make me rich, but at least my mum likes it.

Happy 8th Birthday, blog. 😘

p.s. how old school is this photo:

  • taken in my second year at university
  • that my old, decrepit toshiba laptop (that I wrote all my essays and ultimately my dissertation on)
  • it's sitting on top of a cooling tray because it used to overheat and switch off without notice and absolutely ruined my first hard drive
  • that's a Buffy mousemat
  • that's a deckchair for my 3310 nokia mobile phone
  • those are separate speakers plugged into the side of my computer
  • still got those cat drinks glasses
  • no idea what essay I am writing there
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