Tuesday 1 November 2016

Wanderings Lately :: October

I really like October, as autumn is a beautiful time of year and I really love seeing all the leaves turn red, yellow and brown and drop from the trees. The weather is very  mild in the UK still, and cycling to work has been lovely this whole month.

This month; after some delay and obstacles I finally made it to Sarajevo -  somewhere I have been wanting to visit since I was young. I've also really appreciated having great housemates, attended a wedding and started back at Uni classes for my final MA module. 

This is all very different to this time last year, when I was making the transition from the job where I was made redundant, a short time temping and starting my new job at the beginning of November. This was also the start of these Wanderings lately posts, which I have actually managed to maintain! The summer might have been a little less frequent, but hurrah! I have actually published a post every month (except May) in 2016! Here's to many more and keep this little spot on the internet just for me! If you want to see this time last year, click here.


As I said in the intro, I visited Sarajevo (and Mostar) mid-October. This is somewhere I've wanted to go for a while - growing up Sarajevo was always on the news and later I studied so much about the media at war at university with a focus on the Bosnian conflict that I just wanted to go here and see it properly, in person; and have memories that weren't of burning tower blocks, mass graves or war crimes. I hope to write more about this trip, but I had a great time, in a wonderful city and it was nice to spend some time with Vanessa, my roomie from China who recently moved to Leeds.

ps I made a video of this trip. View it here.


Classes started again for my MA, and I am really enjoying being back in the classroom. My dissertation was incredibly hard and took up a lot of hours trapped in the library. I am relishing being taught in a classroom, and seeing as this is supposed to be the first module, it is slightly easier than any I've had before. I love learning more about language, and actually part of me wishes I had gone with my gut at the beginning and studied a full applied linguistics MA rather than TESOL. It's easy to say that now, in hindsight, when I am not using the teaching part of this qualification.


This month, my new housemate treated us all to a meal she prepared as a bonding evening together. The food was lovely, and company great. I am so happy to live in Canada Water, but I am also very happy and incredibly lucky, to have such great people to share the house with. It's such a nice environment to come home to after work or spend time in at the weekend. I've lived in a few different places where the connection with housemates is not too good, which really makes me appreciate this house and these girls. <3


I went to a wedding this month, where the only person I knew was the bride. I was a little apprehensive about it, but there were a few others there who didn't know anyone and I had an introduction to a couple of girls beforehand, which made us all bond a little on the day. It turned out to be so much fun, and really lovely to attend another wedding - this is only my fourth one ever! I also recycled my bridesmaid shoes and jacket and this dress has attended two previous weddings/events... Can't say I'm not thrifty!

Autumn in London

 In the spirit of enjoying autumn as much as possible, I dragged Ayoola and Jasmin out for a walk along the park line in North London. I read about it on the time out blog, and it was a really nice walk. We begun at Finsbury Park station and walked the entire length to Alexandra Palace. It's always nice to meet friends for a good old catch up, and it was refreshing to be outside. Having such mild weather obviously helped and although this is still in the middle of the city, it truly felt like we were in a forest out in the country! 

I also took this last photo because it reminded me of the lamp post in The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe. In the middle of the forest without any rhyme or reason... Pretty sure this one wasn't accidentally brought back from another dimension by the white witch though.

::How have you been enjoying autumn? What was October like for you?::

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