Thursday 10 September 2020

Wanderings Lately :: August 2020

August was incredibly busy at work, a lot of our focus for the past months was working towards a big event (online) which finally came to fruition mid-late August. This was quite stressful, and at times overwhelming. I was so glad at this stage that Victor had organised our week away at the end of August (and first week of September). I was in dire need of a break.

This month I also tried to do a bit with my weekends, just to break up the monotony of working from home.

A walk through the fields

Just before our holiday we went over to stay at my parents' (thanks for the early morning airport lift mum!)

It was cloudy and grey but we still went out for a walk to High Ongar, past my old primary school with a stop at a small cafe that is now there in the place of the sweet shop where I used to buy penny sweets after school.

Went on the tube for the first time since 14th March, thankfully not very busy and everyone I saw was wearing a mask. The overground train was a different story though; much busier and a significant amount of people 'wearing' masks (chin straps, earrings, nose out)

Victor's first foray into Scottish cooking; Tarragon Chicken. It took longer than the recipe said and might need a bit of tweaking but not bad for a first try!

Kew Gardens

Mum and I met at Kew Gardens for a lovely walk around and picnic. Thanks for driving all the way Mum, bit of a scary journey but you did it! 💪

Escape to Pompey

In an attempt the escape the city, we took the train from Clapham Junction to Portsmouth (when we were still avoiding the tube). It was so lovely to just wander around somewhere different, enjoy the sea air and a nice bite to eat. Nothing too adventurous but much needed change of scenery for the day!

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  1. Was good to have some 'normal' time together during the Covid months. Looking forward to the next blog from the holiday and special event!!