Sunday 24 April 2011

All Aboard!

Yesterday Wendy, Hayley and I went on an excursion to yeong dong, on the wine train. So basically you board the train at 9 am and by 9.30 you're tasting wine! There are 4 different wines on board the train, and then when you arrive at the winery there is a buffet lunch waiting, with 2 more wines to try. After this we had a tour of the cellar, and talk about the history of the 'Wine Korea' place, wine cellar, we were able to make our own wine cosmetics and have a wine footbath before heading off to Nangye Traditional Music Village to sample some Korean music and have a short lesson of our own. Then we boarded the train back to Seoul, drank some more wine on our journey home and were back in Seoul by 8.30pm.

Wine Train. 9 am

There are only a couple of carriages for the actual wine train and the rest of the train is actually heading to Busan with ordinary passengers.

Hayley went the wrong way on the subway and nearly missed the train, she literally arrived 2 minutes before we pulled out of the station!

The carriage was decked out with fancy curtains and light fittings

Ready for tasting


First wine; Dry white

The epitome of sophistication

Wendy won a prize (Blackberry wine)

Organised fun on the train involved rock, paper scissors and putting stickers onto each others faces

and blowing up balloons

Lady birds everywhere for some reason...?

This actor commissioned his own wine for his Japanese fans and it was so popular the winery kept their own copy of it. Unfortunately it is no longer made

Wine beauty products

These barrels are imported from Napa Valley in the US at about £500 each. They can only be used once however so it really is a costly business! The wine stays in the barrels for a couple of years and then in the bottle a couple more before it is shipped out and sold.

Wine bath bombs

We made 2 each

Our feet are immersed in warm wine

Afterwards the bottom of my legs were dyed red!

Onto the traditional music village

and our drum lesson

Cherry blossoms!

One of the 3 greatest musical geniuses came from this town and he invented this instrument (?) for checking pitch and tuning.

Homeward bound snacks!

FYI: We did this tour through the 'Discover Korea' tour group, for more information join the facebook group here It cost 90,000 won.
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