Sunday 24 April 2011

The end of term

 I found these pictures on my computer this weekend and realised that I never got around the posting them on the blog, so here, very belatedly, are some memories from the last week of school.

For our last sixth grade lesson we didn't do normal classes, as the students where leaving for middle school after the week was over, so we gave them the opportunity to make pocket hand heaters instead. My co teacher had all the supplies for it so all I had to do was give them the instructions in English.

Spoon sodium acetate into the plastic pouches

Add some coloured liquid

Definitely one of the more fun lessons

The yellow ones just looked like urine when they had melted

Boiling them in a kettle
Once the powder had melted they were ready. Some of the colour mixtures were a bit dodgy

Then at last graduation day came

Complete with funky balloons

Each student recieved a portfolio with their certificates in

This ceremony took ages!

Outside shoes weren't allowed in the hall so parents had to cover their feet. This looks so weird.

Finally over!

Afterwards the sixth grade teachers all went out for a meal with the principal and vice principles.

This is a random picture from a night out Wendy and I had in wangsimni. Great BBQ places behind the e-mart complex!

This picture is from the new term. I was greeted 3 days in a row on my way into school by all these students waving banners for the school elections. Each year is able to vote for a year representative. They have these picketing days and then one morning they go and vote. All very serious and democratic!
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