Tuesday 10 May 2011

Bit of this, bit of that.

While Macey was here I decided to tag along with their sightseeing and experience some more of my city. We went to the traditional  Hanok Village near chungmuro station, which, when I arrived I realised I’d been to once before.  This weekend we also found out about another trick art museum,- which everyone said was better than the one in hongdae, so we went to try to out, and we weren’t disappointed. Finally, on May’s last day I went back to Dr Fish in gangnam and this time was brave enough to get in with the big fishes! Sorry this is such a long post of pictures but I felt they were all worthy of posting.

Peaceful area in the Traditional village complex. Only a few  metres from the busy streets on Seoul.

The Hanok village is out of exit 3 Chungmuro station line 3 and 4.

Post-it tree at my local coffee shop.

Back to Sinsa-dong for brunch at Gingko cafe. Directions here

Gingko Breakfast and Salmon and cream cheese panini

Trick art museum Sindorim station exit 2, out of the exit look to the right, the museum is in the big shopping complex on floor 6.

My eyes don't like this one.

It was quite a lot of effort to lift my leg that high...


The frypan, restaurant chain in Seoul. Chicken and crisps. The one we went to was at Seoul National University line 2 exit 1. They also do take away.

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