Monday 19 August 2013

Capture the Colour 2013

I saw lots of blog posts entering this competition last year, but never got around to entering. Not only was this due to time contratints (as I was travelling across land last august/september), but I was also quite intimidated by the other entrants, and didn't think I would have any pictures that would be good enough to win. I actually still don't feel my pictures are professional quality enough to win, but as I've got more time this year to look though my pictures, it gives me an excuse to reminisce and look back over my last few years of travels I'm adding my own collection of photos to 'Capture the Colour' in's competition.

So from around my travels here are my photos. I have to say, it was much easier for me to find photos showcasing beautifully rich shades of green and blue, whilst red and yellow were the hardest to find. I find this ironic since I've lived in communist China and travelled recently through Vietnam and Russia!

Blue: Jeju-do, South Korea.
How could I not include a picture from South Korea? I lived here for 2 years and Jeju was hands down the most beautiful place I visited. This picture finally won as my entry over one from Arundel, as I had to include something from Korea! I love how the blue of the sky and sea are so luminous and that fluffy cloud left floating in such an expanse of pure blue.

Red: Taipei, Taiwan.
At the alter in a temple whilst visiting Taipei during Mid-Autumn festival.

Yellow: Tokyo, Japan.
A gleaming yellow beacon in the centre of Tokyo.

 White: Hainan, China.
A statue of Guan Yin, at the Nan Shan Temple. The fourth tallest statue in the world. A three sided statue, one face is turned inland, and the other two look out over the South China sea.

Green: Ekaterinburg, Russia.
At the Ganina Yama Monastery, where the royal family were buried after being murdered, in a disused mine shaft. Now the site of nine churches (one for each victim of the brutal murders.)

 I wish there was a category for 'other' as I love the purple colour of this picture of Edinburgh Castle, Scotland.

My nominations go to five of my favourite bloggers;

Brenna of This Battered Suitcase
Naomi of Anywhere but Home
Ellie of One Day I'll Fly Away
Lauren of Lateral Movements
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