Friday 9 August 2013

Restaurant recommendation

 I don't really do much recommending of places to eat, usually just posting pictures of all the gorgeous (and not so gorgeous - here and here) food I'm eating whilst travelling. And whilst I was in Barcelona, and staying with my brother, we cooked for ourselves in his kitchen most days. Such is the convenience of not staying in a hotel. 

But on our last night, we headed off to eat at Ziryab, an Arabian/Cataluynian fusion restaurant, one which my brother often recommended to tourists having never actually eaten there himself (!) So in the name of research we decided to make it our splurge before I headed back to Southend the next morning.

We were certainly not disappointed.

The restaurant is quite small, which adds to the atmosphere. The menu is modest and the lighting very red (hence the red hue of all my photos). A tapas-mezze affair with wines from Palestine, Lebanon and Catalunya, here you are offered a blend of two cultures. A very delicious blend indeed! We ordered the set menu, which basically gave us everything except the Fig & Pumpkin soup (which we ordered separately) - all in the name of research of course! Small plates arrived gradually so our table was never overloaded, and the portions were generous, especially when we got to the pita bread & dips course near the end! 

Ziryab is really a wine bar, and the food meant to accompany as snacks. But we ate heartily as a dinner and were most satisfied. My particular highlight was the Serrano halloumi sticks.

We managed space for dessert also, which I was slightly less impressed with - I ordered the Traditional Catalan almond dessert which was basically balls of marzipan. Whilst I do like marzipan, it wasn't something I was expecting for pudding!

Overall I would definitely recommend eating here. The prices are reasonable, the service excellent (English meuns are available and our waitress spoke English - to me as I can't speak Spanish or Catalan). Their website is here, and google maps directions here.

If you're in Barcelona any time soon go! It's what your stomach deserves after all the walking and cycling tours! :-)

Free nuts for snacking

Greedy pig soup (pumpkin, fig & ginger)

Bacon wrapped dates (back) fig & smoked salmon crustinis (foreground)

Serrano halloumi sticks... yum

The very generous dips (and a complete wally in the background)

The only thing I wouldn't order again
Tiramisu dessert (from the specials board)

This is a completely unsponsored post. I just really really enjoyed the food here!
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