Sunday 1 March 2015

Rotterdam... or anywhere

When I visited Chelsea in November last year, I managed to squeeze in trips to two new cities along with enjoying Den Haag again. I already wrote about my day in Amsterdam when Chels was at work. The following day we headed together on the train to Rotterdam. I've always wondered about this city, since the Beautiful South sung about it. The weather was less than perfect, as it was rainy for most of the day and drab even when it stopped raining. To be honest, I think the song is quite right, Rotterdam could be anywhere... it didn't seem to have anything particularly spectacular going for it. After asking for some suggestions at tourist information, the lady sent us towards a famous bridge (Erasmusbrug). 

Despite the lack of tourist-y things to do, we still had a nice day. Encountered a very flamboyant make-up counter assistant in one of the shops, ate at the world's cutest cafe and stopped for tea by the harbour.

I would probably go back, to see if a sunny day made much difference to Rotterdam's charms, and also to see the weird box houses!

Apparently the station is one of the attractions...

obligatory feet pic

Decorations left over from some kind of celebration by the river

Chelsea's calorie laden brownie and my weight watchers fruit bar :-(

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