Thursday 12 March 2015

Turning 30

 So it happened. I couldn't halt the passage of time, and now I am no longer in my twenties. It mostly feels exactly the same. Although I had wanted to acheive a couple more things from my 30 before 30 list, I only managed one - which was to eat at Circus restaurant. This I did in celebration of becoming old! As luck would have it, the restaurant bumped up our party to the main table, which meant that we were right in front of all the circus acts for the evening. The restaurant was fantastic, the food amazing (which I wasn't particularly expecting) and the entertainment was interesting... It's definitely a novel concept and the performers are very good, especially to do their act in such a small space, with drinks and people so close by! I have to say that the music choices that accompanied the performers were a bit weird, and the toilets had quite ill-designed modernist shower like set up for washing your hands. But apart from those small things, the evening was fantastic! My friends arranged for a surprise birthday cake as dessert - which the restaurant kind messed up as they rang me the day before to ask what kind of cake I wanted! D'oh!! I would definitely recommend the restaurant, although it's very pricey so perhaps only for special occasions!

Netball Crew fun!

We celebrated Jasmin's birthday the weekend before as well!

Act 1 - Performed to Everybody Hurts by REM

She went from this... this!


 The following day, I had a smaller, more chilled out gathering at my parent's in Essex, with presents, sparkling wine and lots of nibbles!

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  1. Congrats on all those adventures and missions accomplished, happy birthday Ruth! I'll be sure to come by again and we can see some of those places yet to cross on your list (you should meet my sister too, she's moved to London this past month and is teaching, she turned 30 in January!) - there could be a great adventure there!

    Much love to your youthful self! :]