Sunday 5 March 2017

Wanderings Lately :: February

February is my favourite month. It's my birthday, which obviously helps! But it's a short month (so pay day comes quicker!), it tends to be when the days start getting longer and you can finally start finishing work when it's still light. The weather starts to throw you a few sunny (but cold) days that remind you that it won't be cold forever and did I mention that it's my birthday? :-)

This month had been full of outings and experiences.


For my birthday, I decided to sign up for a 10k race. It's a bit of a random thing to decide to do, but I had wanted to push myself to a 10k for a while, since finishing the 5k colour run last year. I enjoy running, but I'm also lazy and find it difficult to push myself to do it regularly. Having a goal to aim for, and a reason to train means I need to get myself out. I probably didn't give myself enough time to train for this one, as I over exstimating how often I would be able to get out and run after work in the 6 weeks from New Year to my birthday.

Amazingly I managed to run the whole thing, albeit slowly, and got to the end without dying! It was pretty difficult as the race was in Greenwich Park which is very hilly! I haven't been for a run since though...

I saw the advert above on the tube after my run and it reminded me that it doesn't matter that it took me 1 hr 13 minutes to finish the run, or that I often get overtaken on my cycle to work, I'm still getting out and being active.


The main other thing that characterised this month is friendships. We managed to keep our work new years resolution and headed out for a few drinks (and Polly and I went to the cinema), plus we have set up a regular pay-day drinks date.

I went to watch my housemate in her cheerleading competition in Stratford (which they won btw!) and I spent a weekend visiting my friend Vanessa in Leeds, where she moved last August.

Leeds was great fun, we signed up for a workshop to learn about making your own body scrub and butter (I like to add more beauty recipes to my repertoire), took a Tai Chi class and walked around a little of Yorkshire's countryside at Boston Abbey.

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