Sunday 3 March 2019

Wanderings Lately :: February 2019

February is my favourite month, like I've said before. This year there was no 'Beast from the East', only some good days and some excellent days! The days are getting longer and I celebrating my birthday with a few standout events. Even squeezed in a cheeky trip to Scotland.

Socially Spring

Stepped up my social committee game again this month and finally arranged for a work drinks night. Very well attended and those two glasses of wine before netball seemed to help my performance later in the night!

All in the name of spring!


After a particularly busy and stressful day at work this month, I decided to take a short detour on my journey home and cycle next to the river. London did not disappoint me and I was priviledged to witness a beautiful sunset.

I met up with some friends recently, and as we chatted about how wonderful the weather has been recently (problematic if considered why this has happened - climate change) we agreed how utterly magical London is in the sunshine, the city comes completely alive. This city has many faults, but when the sun comes out it's quite difficult not to love London.

Nothing feels more homely and comforting to me than a cup of tea when you get back home. Long journey back from Edinburgh this month, followed up with a brew as soon as we got in. Lovely!


My third time in Edinburgh, including a return to the botanic gardens - and lucky to see a few early spring blooms. A flight over Edinburgh taking in the city from the air and some relaxed and un-rushed time in a really great city.

I also spent quite some time trying to get a decent picture of the Edinburgh sign at the airport - I do think some people just stand in the way on purpose! 

Won't be long before we're back.


Jasmin and I share a birthday month, so after celebrating by winning a round of the wonderfully weird game 'cash and guns' and enjoying a piece of Lola's delicious cake it was my turn! 

My birthday was spent celebrating with lunch in the Shard, brunch with my friends and cheese and wine with my family. Made a post all about the actual day here!

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  1. Love the sunset photo! No photo of my cake? :-)