Thursday 21 May 2015

Keukenhof: Cherry blossom and daffodils

...and other flowers too. Basically anything other than Tulips! Although there were mostly tulips in the Flower Kitchen (Keukenhof), the other types of flowers they had were also equally beautiful! The whole place was bursting with colour, and there were also a few non flower photo opportunities along the way as well! One side of our trip that was less than perfect was our stop for food. As expected it was absolutely packed and there wasn't nearly enough seating for the amount of visitors. The queue for the food was huge and the people serving didn't seem very sure of what they were doing. Other than this however, I would say the trip went well - they even had free wifi around the gardens! Bonus!

Obligatory foot selfie

Miffy is Dutch...

as are Windmills!

We had to queue for this photo for so long, battling the terrible Europeans (German) queue hoppers! Not ever sure if it was worth it in the end...

Wednesday 13 May 2015

Keukenhof: Tulips

As I vowed back in November, I headed to the Netherlands this Spring. And instead of just enjoying the flowers in the fields as the train nips through the countryside, Chelsea and I took ourselves off to the Keukenhof (which translates as the flower kitchen). So. Many. Flowers. Also so many people, but as Chels and I cannot stand rubbish pictures with loads of people in them, we will always wait to get a shot as free from other visitors as possible. This post is filled with my favourite flowers of all, the tulips; the Tulips from Amsterdam! :-)