Sunday 31 December 2017

Wanderings in 2017

'Not all those who wander are lost.' J.R.R. Tolkein.


Bit sad to look back at this now. I had just got my new bike in January, after upgrading from my first cheap one. I had extra bits added - pannier rack and mud guards. Not quite a year later someone had stolen this from outside the tube station on the night of my Christmas party. Not so merry seasons greetings to that person.


Chinese New Year, my 10k birthday race and a trip up north to Leeds. In February I learnt to make body scrub, got muddy shoes at Bolton Abbey and watched my housemate compete in a cheerleading competition.


Meeting Bea Johnson (Zero Waste Guru), tea tasting with my brother and a sneaky peak inside the Charterhouse. In March I embarked on my first vegan Lent, travelled to Oxford for work and went back in time at Leeds Castle.


Baby Grape was born and I became an aunty. Shout out to Ewan the Dream Sheep who was there through it all! <3 font="">


My brother's gig in The Beehive and a sunny trip to Brighton. In May I got inundated with political flyers urging me to vote Liberal Democrat, I started going to a Saturday cycle club and got to see more of this little area of London, brought home my tomato plants and enjoyed a relaxed but rainy bank holiday. 

Wanderings in April and May (because I managed to miss April again this year!)


A work trip to Stratford-Upon-Avon, visit to Dennis Severe's House, inside Kensington Palace (and the sunken garden where the royal engagement was announced), Terror play where we sat as the jury, cycled to Gallions Hill in Thamesmead and said farewell to Johanna at the Mayflower pub.


First ever visit to Hampton Court Palace, messing around with friends, a cycling adventure with my brother in East London and dragging my housemate to the Prudential Ride London. July was a really fun month!

Also I went to Leeds again for a full day of yoga sessions, but also went out and picked my own strawberries to bring back to the city. The weather in July wasn't the greatest but when you live in England you just have to get on with it rain or shine!


Catch up with University friends in Balham, family holiday in Cornwall, checking out Chiswick House and climbing Scafell Pike. August was another great mont for getting out and about.

Wanderings in August


I attended my graduation ceremony and finally completed my last event in the journey of my masters. I hadn't been too bothered about attending but actually was pretty glad I did in the end as it was a nice way to celebrate all the work I had put in.

I dragged people along with me to open house London ( next year I WILL get my name down for Downing Street!!), had an adrenaline filled day at Go Ape and attended my first away tournament with Netball.

In September I also attended an interview which was change the course of the end of my year and start me on a new path for 2018.


Catch up with Chelsea in the Shard, pointing out my home on the map, trip to Southwold with my mum, finally seeing Harry Potter (with the highest seats in the theatre!), reunion with Johanna in beautiful Geneva.

October was full, full, full. My one and only trip abroad this year was over to Switzerland, the cobwebs were well and truly blown away on the pier at Southwold and a I was really happy to see Chelsea again in London. 

I was so busy that I didn't get to write about it all on the blog, but sometimes you're so busy living life that you don't have time to stop and put it all online.

In October I also got to go to the opening of the new cities exhibition at the Museum of London #workperks, and I went to see my little baby Grape again.


Drinks with the netball girls, fireworks and mulled wine with housemates, the toilets in the Elephant House, evening with a Scottish Piper, Edinburgh Castle, St Andrews, the Duke of Wellington in Glasgow and the Necropolis by Glasgow Cathedral.

I had my first Contiki experience in the Highlands of Scotland, with a mixed experience but brilliant memories. The Southwark Park firework display was a fun experience again and I finished the month with my final day at AIFS.


Weekend Christmas fun in Bath and introducing London friends to Liverpool. 

In December we also celebrated Sinterklass (Dutch festivities), had out housemate Christmas decorating and raclette evening and got well and truly festive at the Christmas Carols with Christchurch London.

Christmas was fun and family filled, and the in-between has been relaxed if very cold as the boiler in our house has decided this would be a good time to die.

:: Characterised by travel around the UK, friends and bike rides in London. 2018 I can't wait for you to begin and adventures to continue. ::