Tuesday 24 January 2017

The story of a keepcup 2016

For Christmas in 2015 I was given a keepcup, I talked about wanting one in a blog post and then directed my mum to that for present ideas. :-)

I decided that I would take a photo over the course of the year, each time I used the cup, so that I could see how many disposables I was able to save from landfill for the year.

I was fairly successful in this, although there were a couple of occasions that I use a disposable cup - two of these being when someone in the coffee shop forgot to use my cup, and another when they decided to make the coffee in a paper cup before pouring into my keepcup (!) 

There were also a few times when I forgot to take a photo of my cup - one being in Berlin which I was disappointed about!

Well, the year is up, and I'm still using the cup, but no longer taking a photo each time. Below is the end result of my little project!