Sunday 1 October 2017

Wanderings Lately :: September

Today I had a mammoth day of cleaning my house. It felt like a good time because for the following 4 weekends of October I'll be either away or have friends visiting. So I won't really get a proper chance to do anything so boring and adult like hoovering or properly scrubbing the corners of the bath with an old toothbrush for about a month. It was pretty much like a spring clean, but for autumn. Today was a lovely autumn day, fairly sunny, slightly crisp but warm. I ventured out from my cleaning to pop to the shops and cycled the long way through the park to take in the fallen leaves and orange foliage. This September had some ups and downs and has shown itself as a transition month. I graduated right at the beginning, moved fully into the next stage of planning at work (which involves planting your mind firmly in 2018) and Strictly came back on our screens much to my delight!

Here's a little look back:


My bathroom plant finally gave up on me after our holiday in Cornwall and where it had always come back to life when I'd neglected it before this time there was no saving it. 

So now I've done my season changing clean up, and I've replaced the windowsill plant and added a little succulent to the room as well. Trying to bring some of nature in!


I met my friend Macey in Oxford Street to check out the Deliciously Ella cafe, on the morning of my graduation. The food was really yummy, particularly the brownie (not pictured!) but boy was it expensive! One other minor gripe... I was early and therefore decided to order a coffee to sit with and read my book whilst I waited for May. As this is a vegan cafe, I was very surprised when I ordered my usual soy latte only to be told they don't have soya milk. I could choose from almond, coconut or oat. I went with almond but this didn't really work in the coffee and it was a bit separated and not enjoyable (and cost me £3.50 for a privilege...) I really can't understand why they wouldn't stock soy which is a staple in all other coffee shops and really think it would improve the taste of the drinks if they did!

I am now officially a UCL Institute of Education masters graduate! I wasn't too bothered about the ceremony beforehand but it was actually a really nice experience and inspiring so I am glad that I attended.

Zero Waste Update

Slowly, slowly I'm replacing things from plastic to more sustainable options when they run out. This month I ordered some silk floss, a wooden dish brush, a metal 'safety' razor and shaving gel in a metal tin. My bathroom is really moving towards minimal waste, which is really encouraging!


My housemates and I took advantage of a lovely sunny warm September Sunday and spend the afternoon in Greenwich park, playing card games and throwing a ball about which was so wonderful. London really is a great place when the sun is shining, and there are so many parks and green spaces to spend time in. 

The same weekend I also went to Battersea Park, with my friend Polly (from work) to check out Go Ape. We had a great time swinging around through the trees and making our wobbly way across the treetop walkways. I'm really looking forward to going again soon, and next time I will try not to get stuck on the zipwire!

Open House London

For Open House this year I managed to book tickets for a walking tour at Bethlem Museum & Priory on the Saturday and a tour of the House of St Barnabas on the Sunday. Both were really interesting and unusual places to see inside. The House of St Barnabas is such a good cause and set up in a way that is quite unusual. It's a private members club, based on Soho Square but all the proceeds go into the employment academy on the top floors of the building which helps homeless people back into work. The history of the building was very interesting too.

In Bethlem, we were also able to pick up some apples (probably too many) and take them home. So far I've made an apple crumble and the apple cake, and I still have loads left. Going to make ANOTHER crumble tonight!


I attended my first CSSC Games with my netball team in Loughborough. It was tough and we only won one game but I really enjoyed paying multiple matches and indoors. We took the train on Thursday night after work from St Pancras, stayed overnight in student halls (very glad I'm done with that!) and then headed home after our matches and dinner on the Friday. 

::Welcome to Autumn, what you are most looking forward to this season? ::