Thursday, 15 April 2021

Wonderings Lately :: March 2021

March marks a year since we started working from home, social distancing and really taking things seriously. This month everyone seemed to feel quite reflective, thinking back to last year and the naivety that we had around how long things would last. I remember wondering whether I would actually get to the end of the 30 day yoga challenge I started the first day of wfh. It feel stupid to think that now, but really at the time it was only supposed to last a few weeks.

On the 1st March I dug out the Mărțișor that I bought in Moldova when I visited for interviews in 2019. This little broach symbolises the coming of spring and the tradition is to wear this everyday in March and on the last day of the month tie it to a tree. I like learning about little things like this when I've travelled abroad and I enjoyed wearing this just for me on the first of March.

I took this photo one evening when I walked to Balham to refill my washing up liquid. I don't usually walk as it's a nice cycle but my bike was vandalised and is now out of action. The walk obviously took slightly longer but it was also a nice route through Wandsworth common and strange and exciting to be out of the house when the sun set!

I've finally got into a nice routine with working out at home. Pilates and Barre classes through an online zoom subscription. I'm also pleased that my ivy plant has started growing again, after giving me a scare over winter immediately after I cut it back.

This book was slow to get going but once it did I devoured it and it's a trilogy so looking forward to the next two being released!

I went on a long walk to Wimbledon park which has this great big pond (lake?) and a delightful sunset. 

I met a friend for a walk in Battersea park and decided to walk home, past Albert bridge; one of the prettiest in London (in my opinion). I over-estimated my capacity to walk this far, after so much time barely moving and my legs were seriously aching for a couple of days afterwards.

I don't know how I am going to survive my first netball game when things start up again.

One whole year since we were all instructed to work from home. One year since that Monday evening when I walked in from work and Victor was watching Boris Johnson announce that all who could, should start to work from home and minutes later we were texted from work telling us not to come to the office in the morning.

This office space in our spare room has made wfh so much easier for me, I am luck that I can use Victor's desk, keyboard and monitor for work. Sir Woofington helps out on cold days so I don't have to have the heating on for the whole day!

The view from the window could certainly be improved upon though, that's for sure!

Wednesday, 10 March 2021

Wonderings Lately :: January & February

Well the year begun with that usual sense of anticipation and excitement. New Year is a celebrating a prefer low-key in normal times so I was quite happy with a nice meal at home and fireworks on the TV. It's a shame that the televisual offerings were so dire - especially with such a captive audience - but thankful for surprise fireworks anyway.

So January began, and we all kept our optimism for a few days, remembering that there was a vaccine now, surely things will be getting better from now on? Unfortunately, the reality was that things were pretty much the same (or slightly worse) than before and we were back fairly quicky in a national lockdown once more.

So what is there to update each month? We've not really done much of anything. We are lucky, very much so, and we still have jobs and these lockdowns allow us to save money, which we really need to pay for our wedding. But that's so hard to plan for when things are so unknown, and life becomes so boring when it's so monotonous. The weather is grim, the days are short and I'm basically hibernating at home.

So I've not taken a lot of pictures, and I don't have a lot to write about as wanderings or wonderings.

As we move through March, the government's plans for easing are starting to be implemented and I am glad these are being done slowly and cautiously. Hopefully it is for the long term this time; third time lucky? I'm also anxious about returning to 'normality', life is very boring but it's also very easy at the moment. I have no plans and I need to go nowhere but home. What is life like post-COVID? Are we ready to find out?

As March starts to bloom, spring is in the air, days are longer, and the sun shows up a bit more. There is much optimism, and a little bit of trepidation is probably wise. We proceed with caution.


I bought a new (to me) phone. Snazzier than my old one, which will soon be recycled.

Got this new tea pot for my birthday and absolutely love it! So much joy!

Here's Boris announcing the 'road map' out of lockdown. I really wish he'd brush his hair.

I went for a long bike ride on a nice day in Feb back to my old neighbourhood in Canada Water. Loved a change of scenery and revisiting somewhere familiar.

I enjoyed my birthday, despite the lockdown. I never expected that we would still be under such tight restrictions on my birthday but alas we were. I enjoyed a walk in the park with a friend, although less impressed with her sellotape (!) and Friday fish and chips. Since it was Valentines weekend Victor and I also enjoyed a fancy waitrose 3 course meal deal dinner. <3

Got a tiny bit of snow and it was very exciting!

And the majority of the past few months have been wedding prep. I'm crocheting and creating felt flowers plus drying rose petals for confetti. What else can you do with every evening in front of the TV?!

Victor's Christmas chocolates lasted about 2 weeks and I ate only about 3 or 4 of these.

Took a long walk along a new to us bit of the Wandle trail. Unfortunately not a particularly attractive outer London walk but nice to visit somewhere a bit different still within walking distance. This was probably the nicest part of the walk.

These photos are in the wrong order, so these last two are from our New Year's Day visit to Whitstable. Not too busy (unlike the parks in London), we had a lovely but chilly walk along the sea, blowing away the cobwebs and starting the new year fresh.