Friday 4 March 2022

Unpublished Wanderings

Oh well, from August onwards last year was pretty full on... I prepared this post and then never wrote anything or published it. 

We spent August in our temporary flat, and then moved briefly to Essex while we waited for our house to go through, In the end it happened without much fanfare on a Tuesday afternoon. I met Victor at the house where he'd met the vendor earlier to collect the keys. We now had a new home, but it was in desperate need of a thorough clean and a lot of love. It has been neglected for many years, but we are ready to make it our own. We just needed to get married first!

So yes, in September and October 2021 I started a new job, moved house, had my hen party, finished wedding prep, got married and went on honeymoon. It was a lot, all at once and I tried my best to just enjoy every moment of it but it would be a lie to say it wasn't also a fairly stressful time.

Of course our wedding day was simply the best day, celebrating with our friends and family - seeing some for the first time in over a year. The only COVID restriction was masks in the Church for our guests - pretty lucky considering. 

Below is life in August and September 2021.

Before we left the temporary flat, I squeezed in a Korean meal with two work friends in New Malden which was such a tonic. Finally seeing people in person to socialise brought so much joy.

A couple of final wedding bits ready for the big day!

Finally made it to the Postal Museum, which was my mum's Christmas present in 2019! An interesting place to visit, and a novelty to take a trip on the train which has so much history. 

First day in our house! 

Me and my hens! A super spice fun day around London with all the girls <3 

A new commute from the suburbs.