Ruth likes to feel inspired. She enjoys making lists and loathes paperwork. She loves getting lost in a good story, playing on the swings and baking.

Between 2007 and 2012 she taught English as a foreign/second language. At first in the UK to studious Libyan and Saudi scholarship students, excitable Spaniards and hard-working illegal immigrants. Then abroad firstly to middle school students in Suzhou, China, and with greater success to primary school students in a public elementary school in Seoul, Korea. She completed an MA in TESOL in 2017 and currently works in International Education.

She inherited wanderlust from her parents and has friends and family scattered across the globe. She can speak very basic Mandarin Chinese and an embarrassingly small amount of Korean.

She hails from Essex in the South East of England and would appreciate it if you didn't mention white stilettos, the Sugar Hut or TOWIE upon learning of her home county. :-)

You can read of her (mis)adventures travelling, general musings and teaching ideas on this blog.


'I am prepared to go anywhere, as long as it's forwards.' - David Livingstone