Monday 19 October 2020

Wanderings Lately :: September

I am surprised I have not heard from my mum this month, complaining about how late my September post is...

The first of September began as a fairly normal day on holiday. We spent the morning in Kos town, unfortunately failing to see the Agora ruins (the gates were locked), or the Castle (closed since an earthquake in 2017). Victor's mum and her partner arrived on the 1st so we spent the afternoon by the pool with them.

That evening we booked a taxi up to Zia, a small village in the mountains where the sunset is beautiful. Victor had booked for us to have a meal out, much to my surprise! After a quick walk around the few tourist shops, we headed to one of the tavernas overlooking the sea. Our meal was nice and the sunset was obviously the highlight... until...

After our meal, our taxi was going to take a while to come [or so Victor had told me] so we had another walk around the village. Victor suggested walking up some steep steps towards a signposted church to 'burn off our meal' which I vetoed - a shame as this could have been the site of the proposal. We walked towards a spot we'd seen earlier which overlooked Turkey. The view was stunning, so I thought I would take a photo. Unfortunately the real view was spectacularly superior to what was captured on camera. As I turned around to show Victor how dreadful the photo had turned out, he was on his knee proffering me a ring.

Well, shocked as I was, after a brief pause I realised that I needed to give an answer! Of course, I said yes! It was totally unexpected, but absolutely wonderful! After savouring the joy of being newly engaged, we headed back to the hotel to celebrate together and tell our families at home.

Disappointingly, after a night of celebrating, we managed to leave our camera unattended and when we went back to get it in the morning it was gone. So gone are our last photos as boyfriend and girlfriend, gone are the photos of the sunset, and gone is my dreadful photo of Turkey. I'm still very sad about the photos we have lost, but one day we will return to take replacement photos.

The rest of our holiday was fantastic, as we enjoyed day after day as a newly engaged couple and savoured the relaxing days sitting by the pool, soaking up the sunshine.

Back in London, we've started our wedding planning, as much as we can with a view to covid restrictions being lifted somewhat in the future.

For the rest of the month, I've tried to enjoy the last good days of summer. I'm still working from home, so aside from one visit to central London to meet friends, and a couple of visits to Essex, I've not left south west London. It's still a very strange time, but we make the best of it as much as we can.

Got caught in the rain on a run one afternoon.

Some bike rides I've taken recently - to Richmond Park and along the Thames. I haven't seen the river this high before and a little way along I couldn't pass along the embankment.

My flat is now full of pom-poms since I bought a device to make them in poundland!

My most recent sewing project was this Nina Lee Camden pinafore. It's a bit skewed at the back, and I have already had to do a little repair to the waistband after it went through the washing machine. But I love it so much!