Saturday 16 October 2010

International Football

We managed to get tickets (thanks to my Co-teacher) to see the friendly international football match between South Korea and Japan. This was only my second time at a live footie match as my dad wouldn't take me when I was young cos I'm a girl (sexist or what!!?!?!)

The game wasn't really that exciting, and Park Ji Sung was injured so he didn't play, although we caught a glimpse on the big screen!! But the atmosphere alone was worth it cos the fans were great, they got a bit over excited about the slightest thing, and booed everytime the Japanese got the ball! Only two real chances for scoring so as fans used to British football we were disappointed with the excitment... Fontaine was used to it though as she supports Spurs at home... (Hope she reads that!!) 

SK are called the red devils, so we bought the light-up horns for same outside (will probs also make an appearance at Halloween!)

These fans went crazy for everything and were in charge of all the chants that rang around the stadium. (2 of which we're sure are English songs!)

Half time.

Women's champions!

Women's trophy presentation at half time!

This was a banner in support of the 2022 World Cup bid!

Korea 0-0 Japan
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