Thursday 7 October 2010

Weekend Shenanigans

Hot pot, Delicious! Wendleton looking beautiful as ever...

Fireworks for the beginning of Hi Seoul festival

Me and Chelsea, once Wendy and I made it to the festival (we were quite late)

Brings new meaning to the phase 'shovelling it in!'

Soju Punch :)

The second lot of free cake we have obtained while we're out. Koreans seem to like just giving it away!

Another stunning picture of Miss Lam... On our 1st day of shopping in Myeong-Dong (where there are 2 H&Ms!)
 Wendy had pasta and I had a sweet potato and cheese cutlet thing.. with side fried potatoes; chips, croquettes, hash browns and wedges!

Heaven on a plate! Steak and Chips. Also at this restaurant, like a harvester they had a salad 'cart' so we got one between us, and we could go up as many times as we wanted. And the salad was WAAAAAY more than in Harvester... loads and loads of salad, smoked salmon, prawns, fried chicken, olives... and loads more! We even had ice cream at the end of our meal.. although there was only yoghurt and green tea flavour...

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