Sunday 31 October 2010

Lots of food and a random celebrity..

Stuff I've done this week... Itaewon (foreigner street) for some western food, Fish market with my school, Free opera concert at the university near my house and more western food, mixed with a spotting of a Korean celebrity, although I have no idea who he was! Here are a few pics of this week in Seoul...

Free bread rolls!

Fish and Chips! Bit too much batter but little bit of England! :-)

Wendy and her carbonara!

Chelsea and a massive burger!

Chip butty!

Work some of my students did - 'In our dream room the floor is made of mahogany wood and the walls are painted in beige... There is a variety of exquisite plates. There is a big, luxurious desk'

La Traviata Opera first scene. (with the famous song)

 La traviata, Last scene (where she dies)

Korean teenagers waiting outside the TV station for a glimpse of their favourite k-pop stars as they drive past!

Actually running down the road after this car! After I took this a guy rolled down the window and waved at the people waiting.

Seafood Carbonara, with strange but very delicious pancake-type cover!

It was immense!
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