Tuesday 21 June 2011

Ancedotes and musings

These are things I just want to share.

Ancedote 1. At the weekend I went away camping on the beach. It was really sunny, and although I have learnt that I must wear suncream and keep applying it whenever there is the slightest hint of sun I always seem to forget one place to put it. This weekend I forgot to take a hat and subsequently burnt my scalp, all around my hairline. I was talking about this with one of my co-teachers at work. I was saying how I have very white and very sensitive skin and therefore burn easily. She had this to say; "When it gets hot and sunny foreigners like to wear less clothes, but what about your skin?" So i replied, "Well if you wear suncream, you won't get burnt and we like to get tanned skin" "but why do you wear less clothes?" "Well it's hot, so wearing less clothes makes you feel cooler...' After this she looked at me a bit miffed and went on eating her lunch. Is that not a logical answer? It's hot, wear less, you're cooler?

Anecdote 2: During June I signed up to take an 'Experiencing Royal Culture' course at the National Palace Museum of Korea. It's free for English teachers, and knowing nothing about Korean history I was interested to take it. It's every tuesday and I leave straight from school to get there. This means I am 1/2 an hour early for the classes so have plenty of time to waste before it starts. This week I decided that as I had plenty of time I would pop into family mart to get a drink and some fruit. It was across the road and it was hot, so I decided I didn't want to trudge all the way down into the subway and back up again to cross the road. I waited at the traffic lights. This was a major mistake. I have NEVER EVER waited so long for traffic lights to change. I was there at least 15 minutes. While I'm standing there I'm thinking "If I'd taken the subway pass I'd be making my way back by now..." but it would be sods law that as soon as you leave they turn green, so I waited, and waited. Getting more and more impatient. Finally they changed. I headed into Family Mart, and of course there was not one peice of fruit available. Perhaps it's only 7/11 that sells fruit?? So back outside I am now worried that I'm going to be late, of course I forgo the traffic lights and head down into the subway and then back up. Walking at a quick pace to the museum. As I'm nearing the entrance I pass 2 small independent coveinence shops. Didn't need to go all the way the family mart anyway. Poo.
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