Thursday 9 June 2011

Sand in my shoes

and everywhere else. I love the beach, I like the sea (sometimes) but I HATE sand.  Anyway this weekend I encountered sand every day. We had a long weekend so there was a mass exodus from Seoul as everyone headed down to Busan to take advantage of the beaches. There was a sand festival on Haeundae beach (see the pictures from this on his blog) We also took a tour of the two famous bays in Busan (Gwangali and Haeundae) from a replica pirate ship. We did the tour that left at 7 so we were able to watch the beaches transition from day to night as the neon lights lit up both bays and the bridge too. It was a good trip that I would recommend.

Wongers crash landing

Lammers smooth sliding


Henna tattoos that rubbed off about 2 hours later. He got a scorpion cos his friends said they were getting the same. After he paid for his they changed their minds!

 Our dinner saturday night. Beer can chicken - Try and say that without it sounding like 'Bacon chicken' in a Jamaican accent! :-)

Peg Leg Lam



Diamond Bridge


I don't like manequins.

It was really misty and looked like we were heading into nothing-ness. Eerie!

4 in the back of a taxi
Sunday breakfast!


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