Tuesday 4 October 2011

Food in Thailand

 Food in Thailand is lush. That is all I have to say.

Breakfast # 1

Shrimp salad

Like KFC, but not...

Pad Thai

A beautiful sight

An even better sight!

Yes, I had pie and chips. I'm not ashamed.

Fontaine's post chip with vinegar reaction

Breakfast # 2

Oh avocado, How I've missed thee 

Iced Chocolate on a rainy afternoon

Tomato soup

Breakfast # 3

Ham and Cheese sandwich crisps

Thai green curry and spring rolls 
Ham and cheese sandwich

Breakfast # 5. The greasiest omelette in the history of omelettes.

Lush lush lush roasted duck with noodles. Also the cheapest meal we had, under 90 Baht.

7/11 cheese toastie. 
Same duck restaurant, this time with rice. 
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