Friday 7 October 2011

Who ate all the...

There's one in Itaewon, another in Hongdae and according to the website they're all over Seoul. They are the best only pies I've tried in Korea! They're really good so I definitely recommend giving Jesters a try. Also if you want to try the pies at home then you can buy a pack of 4 frozen for home! oh yessss!

It's an Australian company

Pavarotti (chicken) & Southern Man (steak)

Maharaja (Curry)

Yum yum

They also do coffees, teas, lattes etc

Nom nom nom

Take your pick
FYI:  In Itaewon: Go out of exit 3, walk straight to dunkin donuts, turn right and Jesters is the first shop on your right. Hongdae: out of exit 9, walk straight, turn left at the first junction, walk up the hill, to the two storey row of shops/restaurants. It's on the top row near to Dos Tacos. For other destinations visit the website here
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