Saturday 25 February 2012

Phuket: Beaches

 While in Phuket, Nic and I tried to make the most of our proximity to the beach. Our first stop was Krabi beach. The sea was a little cloudy because of the sand on the seabed. There wasn't much shade but we managed to secure a spot under a tree. On our next beach day we decided to head to Railay beach which is a short boat ride away from Krabi. It was lovely and fairly quiet. The sea was really clear. We snagged a bit of shade, but some inconsiderate Europeans (with olive skin in no need of shade) sat directly behind us so when the sun moved around later in the day we lost our shade. After a few days we moved from Krabi to Karon and another beach destination. This time it was more built up and we were able to sit on beach beds with umbrellas. In a stroke of luck we managed to wangle not paying for the beds all day! The sand was very white and squeaked when you walked on it. It was also from Karon that we saw our most impressive sunset. The only bad thing about the beach is the sand. Let me say now, I HATE SAND. Horrible stuff. I'm very particular about keeping sand off of my towel, body and belongings. Most of the people I've ever been on a beach with aren't as fussy about sand as me and it was a running joke this holiday how much sand Nic constantly had all over her. I wonder how much ended up making it back to Ongar in her suitcase...

Krabi Beach

On the way to Railay Beach

Obligatory writing in the sand

On Karon Beach

Kata Beach

Heart Shaped (Lunar) New Year lantern

The sea, the sun and a boat at dusk.

Sand Angel

Nicola's sunbed. Even now looking at that much sand makes me uncomfortable.

Oh to be back in Thailand, lying on the beach...
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